Thursday, September 21, 2006

Today in Thailand

Despite the difficul situation in Thailand today we have tree planters there.

Watpongkonsow SchoolCity, Sarabur, Thailand

Queen?s Flower. Lagerstroemia speciosa Pers.
Flame of the forest. Spathodea campanulata P. Beauv.
White Cheesewood.Alstonia scholaris R. Br.
Tabaekna. Lagerstroemia floribunda Jack.
Black Plum.Syzygium cumini (Linn.) Skeets.

Number of trees : 400

"Today there are 50 students,2 teachers, 14 officer of forest and 12 peoples from village go to the place for plant 400 number trees. 12.00 o'clock they are happy to plant many trees. They want to help the green enironment in the world."