Friday, November 30, 2007

ENO Tree Planting in Portugal

Escola Ebi Vasco da Gama, PT04:

21 November, Our Tree Planting Day

Finally with pomp and circunstance we had our welcoming party to the new arrived trees for our school.
The party was very entusiastic with songs, dancing, speeches, written texts and visual effects.
There was a ceremony of commitment of each of the twenty classes/whose students acted as godparents of the trees/whose students supported the forces. These students agreed to take care and look after them from now on, watering and feeding them.
All this was possible due to the entusiasm of whole community and participants such as the Parc Expo, enterprises that offered the trees and Vibeiras, helped preparing the land.

We, students, teachers, enterprises and the President of the Parents'association are very happy and feel congratulated for this event and we thank ENO PROGRAMME the promotion of this kind of initiative.

ENO Tree Planting in Malta

St Benedict's College Ghaxaq Primary School:

On the 13th November we went to Ta' Qali and took part in the Tree For You (3 4 U) campaign. When we arrived a gardener showed us the place and explained how many different trees are planted there. He taught us about the Maltese flora and fauna. Afterwards we had lunch and took part in a treasure hunt.
Time passed quickly. It was time to plant our trees. The Year 5 classes planted one tree each while the Year 6 classes planted two trees each. In all we planted six trees.
It was an unforgettable experience. Now I am looking forward to visit Ta' Qali Park again to see whether our trees have grown or not.
(Luke Schembri - Year 6)"