Thursday, November 19, 2009

A video from Colombia

Sunday, November 15, 2009

ENO Peace Book to celebrate 10th anniversary!

We aim to do a book about peace in the ENO Programme. This book would consist of 365 stories or fairy tales about peace, a story for each day of year. This book is for everybody who wants to start his/her day with reading a peace story: teachers, students, parents, children, world leaders.

Theme for stories or fairy tales is peace. Theme can be seen freely: it can be a short one but maximum one paper (A4). Writers are children from ENO schools, 6 – 16 yrs from all around the world.

This peace book is to be published in the general summit of UN 21st of September 2010 . In the same occasion books are given to world leaders there. Parts of it will be also published here online, to celebrate ENO Tree Planting Day and ENO 10th anniversary (2000-2010).

We will start to collect these stories immediately today 15th of November 2010. The ultimate deadline for submissions is 28th of February 2010.

1. ENO contact teacher at each participating school will ask their students to write peace stories. Each school will choose 3 stories, translate them into English and send them separately using this form.Stories can also be in Spanish or French but we hope that they would be in English

2. Authors (Mika and Esko-Pekka) will choose the stories for the book.

3. Some stories will be also available online by 21st of September 2010.

When the book is ready we aim to send an electronic copy to each school whose story was chosen to this book.