Monday, August 17, 2009

Capetown joined ENO Tree Planting Day

" The City Parks Department of the City of Cape Town in partnership with the Capricorn Primary school in Vryground has decided to join forces with ENO and has shifted its Arbor day event from the 5th September 2009 to the 21 September 2009 to commemorate both Arbor Day and ENO tree planting day. The Vryground is devoid of trees and it was for this reason that the Area was identified for both projects. The intention is to eventual green the whole area and create an environmental awareness amongst the inhabitants of Vryground”

Some Background of Capricorn Primary:

In early 2005 however, prompted by difficulties in placing the children from our Creche in Primary schools, and encouraged by discussions with friends and supporters, a decision was made to try and raise enough money to build a school. The concept started modestly, even thinking of using modified shipping containers as the basic units.

Dennis Fabian an architect and supporter for the project designed a proper school with 12 classrooms which would cater for over 400 children. Using his contacts, Dennis put together a team of professional and building firms, many of whom worked either for free or at a discount.

By early 2007 the project was triggered Work started on site in June 2007 and within six months the school was finished. On the first day of the school term 16th January 2008, Capricorn Primary School opened.

The school is what is called a Foundation Phase Primary School which caters for 4 grades, - Grades R through 3, - it has 12 classrooms and approx 400 children between 6 and 10 years old (35 per class). It is designed in such a way that it can be extended by building on another 12 classrooms for the other 4 grades of primary school.



Saturday, August 15, 2009

Celebrated 62 Indian Independence day with ENO-Tree plantation pictures attached

Hi ENO-Family,

Here once again on the occasion of 62 Indian Independence Day(
Saturday 15th  August-2009).  ENO-Tree plantation took place. With
approval of our school management we have mentioned in our school
Hand-BOOK. Every second Saturday is ENO- Tree plantation Day.  We took
our school vehicles to tree plantations. We are preparing for Big
ENO-Tree plantation Day on 21st Sep-2009.

For this worthy cause,

Mr. David & ENO- Tree plantation Team in India

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Registered school from Meuleke, Belgium

Free primary school Meulebeke (Belgium) have just registered to ENO Tree Planting Day. On the webpage of their nature reserve they had an important activity a few weeks ago. They sew seeds of new wild local weeds and wild local flowers so they can improve the diversity in our nature reserve. Pupils can study in a better way the beauty of nature! (not only a few strong plants that ‘overgrow’ the reserve) The results are very good as you can see on the recent pictures. ‘Just like planting trees on another level!

Their teacher is Lieven Van Parys, internationally awarded teacher who also is a runner....
Thanks for joining us Lieven!