Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ENO Tree Planting Day 2009 Participants

Find the list of schools and number of trees to be planted (updated 3rd of May)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Theme 2009: Invasive Alien Species

What are Invasive Alien Species?

Invasive alien species are plants, animals, pathogens and other organisms that are non-native to an ecosystem, and which may cause economic or environmental harm or adversely affect human health. In particular, they impact adversely upon biodiversity, including decline or elimination of native species - through competition, predation, or transmission of pathogens - and the disruption of local ecosystems and ecosystem functions.

Invasive alien species, introduced and/or spread outside their natural habitats, have affected native biodiversity in almost every ecosystem type on earth and are one of the greatest threats to biodiversity. Since the 17th century, invasive alien species have contributed to nearly 40% of all animal extinctions for which the cause is known (CBD, 2006).

The problem continues to grow at great socio-economic, health and ecological cost around the world. Invasive alien species exacerbate poverty and threaten development through their impact on agriculture, forestry, fisheries and natural systems, which are an important basis of peoples’ livelihoods in developing countries. This damage is aggravated by climate change, pollution, habitat loss and human-induced disturbance.

Instructions for ENO Tree Planting Day 2009

Please find the instructions for ENO Tree Planting Day 2009


Finnish - Suomeksi

French (translated by ENO Teacher Gabriela Hritcu)

Spanish (translated by ENO Teacher Ana Prieto

Plant trees for environment and peace!


ENO Programme invites you to an exciting event. Our school year will be opened in a special way. We will plant trees at midday, in every corner of the world. The first trees will be planted at noon in Oceania. Following the Sun, new trees will be put to earth in Asia, Europe and Africa. Finally this chain of trees will reach Americas. Globe has turned on its axis.

Trees will be planted on September 21st. This day is also known as an International Day for Peace by United Nations. We ask schools to plant only indigenous species.

Tree planting is important for us. Firstly, it reminds us of the nature and the importance of environmental protection. Secondly, it is a symbol for peace. This event has become a success. In September 2008 about 2000 schools in 122 countries planted 300 000 trees around ENO Tree Planting Day. Our aim is to get 10 000 schools in 160 countries.

We also have other activities for this day. Play our special play for the occasion (translated into over 40 languages!), sing our tree planting song, dance and celebrate.

How to get involved? Af first register your school/group online, by 15h of September 2009. After the event you are welcome to submit your information about your event on this website. You will receive a certificate for your contribution. Find instructions, more information and material for the day on the web. Welcome to build a more sustainable future with us!

More information:

ENO Programme

Register for ENO Tree Planting Day 21st of September

You are welcome to join our tree planting day!Please register here in order to get your school name on the list and information before, during and after the event!