Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ENO Tree Planting Day will start SciFest 2009 Finland!

ENO Tree Planting Day 2008 is an official opening for SciFest 2009 Finland, to be arranged in the city of Joensuu, Finland. The dates for actual conference will be 15- 18 April 2009.

Tree Planting Day and star observations are both activities that will be present in SciFest 2009 Finland. Other environmental themes are climate change and ecological footprint, themes to be studied in the ENO Programme before the conference.

SciFest is a festival of technology, science and environment, aimed at middle and high school students but also for teachers. It features hands-on activities, popular lectures, games, workshops, robotics competitions and interactive exhibitions. This year, about 7,000 visitors from 50 countries participated in SciFest Finland.

Welcome to Joensuu on April 2009!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Our night activity and more information

This year we have added a night activity in ENO Tree Planting Day.
The idea is to make same star observations at night, submit the information to Internet and see the results of observations. Please find the information and instructions for this activity in Language Packs here.






A new invitation and instructions available!

Please find an invitation and all the instructions for ENO Tree Planting Day 2008 here.
Other language packs will follow.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sign ENO's petition for 100 Billion Trees By 2017

Schools can play a pivotal role in promoting environmental issues in their local communities. They can emphasize the importance of environmental protection and increase its awareness in the local communities. Children and youth are the ambassadors for the environment.

We have currently only some hundreds of schools regularly involved in ENO. But our challenging goal is to plant 100 million trees by 2017 when Finland will celebrate its 100th anniversary. As our group is a tiny number of people who can make a difference, we kindly ask UNEP and all the tree planters in the world to follow our example and join our common effort to plant 100 billion trees by the end of 2017. There will be a dedicated website for this by July 2007.

Sign our petition here:

ENO Tree Planting Day animation and singing

This is an animation where Pataluoto School children sing our tree planting song on the background. Click the map in order to see the animation and hear the music!