Sunday, May 31, 2009

In Australia

Where: Sydney, Australia
Who: 'Planet Patrol' which was started by Imogen, Freya and Alastair Wadlow over four years ago. They aim to 'educate, motivate and activate' other kids into protecting our planet. They run regular bushcare and eco-educational programs and run their own two websites: (for kids 8-12yrs) and (for kids 12-16yrs) which they also write themselves.
What they did: With some friends, they planted 60 beautiful Australian native trees. They especially liked that the theme this year was 'native' as they have been working hard to eradicate privet (a noxious introduced weed) from an area of bushland which was said to be 'beyond help' by the Council and bushcare groups. The kids were given permission to 'try' and have now removed around 40% of the privet through organising community bushcare days and are slowly restocking it with Australian natives which are grown by the Council nursery especially for the area from seeds taken from adjoining areas to ensure only trees native to the particular area are established. Native wildlife is returning to the area and open areas are now filled with native wild plants instead of introduced weeds.
The trees were planted in green bags to stop the local bunny population eating them. Planet Patrol have just contributed to the National Australian Rabbit Scan research by spending a weekend counting rabbits!
We are just having some nice rain so the 60 trees have a great start to their lives, even so, each tree was planted with water-saving crystals as things can get very dry during the summer months in Sydney.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Certificates available!

Dear ENO Tree Planters:

After you have planted your trees and sent photos and short info about your event,

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ENO Tree Planting Day 22 MAY photo albums

We have separate photo album for each continent. Every school that has sent their photo and information to the specific email addresses will be included in the photo albums:

Here are already some photos available:






Please note that ONLY photos to sent to certain email addresses have been added.
If you have used the wrong address please see the correct ones below:

Africa photos to
Europe photos to
Asia photos to
Americas photos to

Eno Tree planting on 22 May- Iraq

School: Assyri Primary School
Class: One, Two, three, Four & five (80 Students)
Eventual partners of co-operation: teaching staff & group of volunteers.
City: Kirkuk
Country: Iraq
Contact person : Surood MF Ahmad,

On 22 May, 2009 from 9:00 am, 80 students started planting 50 Olive trees with assistance some group of Volunteers (Member of Iraqi MP, Police Officer of Rahimawa police station & youth groups). also I put names of Students on the trees so each one can take care of his or her tree.

Best Regards,
Iraqi Alamal Association- Kirkuk

Monday, May 25, 2009

A short clipse 22nd of May from ENO, Finland

Video from the republic of Macedonia

Primary school Dimitar Miladinov, Skopje

Sunday, May 24, 2009


ENO club of erganization SIQA – Georgian association of educational initiatives. Georgia, Rustavi, has joined the day of Global Biodiversity and world-wide tree planting activity related to this day. Members of our club with the help of other volunteers of the organization have put into the ground 15 new plants, in the yard of orphan children care centre. About 20 lonely children were involved in the activity and the day has become one of the happiest ones in their lives. After tree planting activity a little training was held for orphan children about ecology and global ecological problems. This way we tried to improve their Eco awareness and create bases of love and need to take care of the nature in their minds.


School: N°319 "República Popular China"
Country: Uruguay
City: Montevideo


iam sorry iwas very sick an we have this week examinationes  but we did it we plant two trees
 and these some pictures besides we renew our garden and agricultyre romme plants
 thank u for all eno socity
 mohammad shalabi
 nishwa prep school


Dear ENO Planting Day team,
The attached pictures are from Oman and we planted 16 trees as part of your day.
Salim Al-Busaidi

Hello from Izmir - TURKEY

These are our ENO Tree Planting Day 22 May 2009 photos.
We planted only 50 trees;but, we'll plant 1000 trees 21 September 2009.

  A) Your school name: Buca Anadolu Lisesi TR 05
  B) Your city: Izmir
  C) Your country: TURKEY

Greetings from Izmir-TURKEY


Tree planting day at National Learning & Training Center in SOMALIA

Treeplantation pictures from B.B.C.Eng.Med.Schoo, GGM& RATNAMS.

Hi Mika
we are going to take up tree plantation activity as continuous process atleast once in a month in a big way.
I will send all the reports.
In India schools reopen on first week of June.
summer vocations for students from last week APRIL to First WEEK of June every year.
With best wishes
Mr. David &ENO Tree Plantation's Team in India


Dear Mika,    

Students from Bulgaria:

Secondary School of Economics "G.S.Rakovski", Varna planted some plants in the scool courtyard on 21 May 2009!   


Here is one picture. Can you upload it on the site please!

Nelly Vicheva

Five mango trees in Sri Lanka

We are from Nannapurwa Navodya School.22 of May we planted five Mango trees in our school garden. Principal ans other teachers helped us to plant.We sang a song and dance according to song.We will contact with over the world

Siri  Sri Lan


Dear Mr. Mika & other friends related to ENO.


We, in India celebrated the World Forest Day with our students getting them to spend the whole day in the forest, making their own huts with their bed sheets and bamboos. In this way we wanted that they may come in direct contact of mother nature, and  while spending the whole day away from cell phones, TV and other household comforts of material life. They could listen the music of the birds and trees. They arranged for their meals themselves under the supervision of teachers. They also started the process of planting trees. Though the rainy season has not set in, in India so the plantation would go up to August, 2009. We shall plant two hundred fifty hard wood trees on Government barren lands near to our institution. The Distt. Forest Deptt. Roopnagar  would help us providing the plants. We hereby attached the photographs. The students belonging to snap no. 7192 – Amazon Group  stood first  for all forest activities such as searching for different kind of plants, species, woods, stones and making huts with minimum help from the forest. Group Nile , snap no. 7193 stood second & group Yangtze  snap no. 7190 stood third.


I hope you will find the activities very interesting. Your valuable advise is required.




Sukhjinder Singh
SASA India

Sahibzada Ajit Singh Academy

Residential School (Both for Boys & Girls)

Simran Nagar, Morinda Road,

Roopnagar – 140001


Saturday, May 23, 2009

ENO Tree Planting Day in Morocco

We have been very happy to participate at the ENO Tree Planting Day 2009 . We planted 2 trees : an "orange" tree in the school area and a "Thuya" tree (tetraclinis) outside  school. The students  were very enthusiastic to participate for the first time to an international evenement. They were handling the plants with utmost care and awareness and they watered them at the end of the activity.
Jil Al Moustakbal school Beni mellal  Morrocco.


School- EB 2.3. Leça da Palmeira
The class planted two trees (a pine tree and an olive tree) and two seedlings (pine trees) have been sown too.

From Palestine 22 MAY

A) School name: Bietliqia secondary boys' school
B) Your city:Ramallah
C) Your country:Palestine

From Lebanon 22 MAY

school name: Makassed Khalil Shehab School
country: Lebanon
city: Beirut
Teacher: Rawya Shatila

A video from Morocco 22 MAY

We planted 2 trees at 16,30 GMT
Jil Al Moustakbal private school Beni mellal Morrocco


The day was so excited and fun. We did it!! We planted out 10 trees at noon today 22nd May. Here are the details:

We gathered at school ( Al-Dasma Inter. School for Girls ), three teachers; a science teacher ( Mrs. Rawda Alazemy ), the Local Coordinator of UNESCO ( Mrs. Huda Dashti ) and me ( Miss Shirin AlKhass ), there were also five nine graders ( Mariam Rashed, Zainab Hayder, Fatima Al Najar, Rawan Alazemy and Laila Nabeel ) they are the group which started our urban garden along with the science teacher, by the way the garden is amazing with lots of nice vegetables.

We went together to buy the ten trees from the nurseries, we chose many kinds of trees like: figs, lemon, oranges, olives, strawberry, guava and tangerine. All of them are fruitful trees and they also suit our weather.

After buying the plants, and we went to our destination, Al Furat Kindergarten, the reason of choosing this place is to make young children take part in planting trees to feel the importance of trees to the environment and to let young children in the coming years enjoy the shade and fruit of these trees. Before we started planting trees, we talked to the young children about the importance of trees, then at noon we started planting the trees, it was fun although it was so hot.

Wishing the world a better environment.

Warm regards,

Shirin AlKhass - Kuwait


La Institución Educativa "José Olaya Balandra", de La Perla - Callao. PERÚ . Hemos desarrollado la campaña de sembrar árboles por el día mundial de la Biodiversidad. y enviamos las fotos. Escogimos sembrar árbol de tara y Eucalipto, por ser resistentes a suelos áridos y pedregosos.(caso del suelo del colegio)
La tara, también conocida como "taya", es una planta originaria del Perú utilizada ... de nombre científico CAESALPINIA SPINOSA o CAESALPINIA TINCTORIA. ...

(hojas) Nombre común: Eucalipto Nombre científico: Eucalyptus globulus Labill.
Sonia Hurtado Betetta
Juana Ruiz Valverde
Julia Torres Romaní
 Director : Jaime Alvarado.
 Profesoras de la I.E. José Olaya Balandra

Friday, May 22, 2009

Botswana BW 01 Photos

Gaborone Secondary School planted trees today and guest of honour
was the Director in the Ministry of Environment and Conservation.
I was interviewed by the National Television (Botswana Television)
and was on our national news bulletin!


Tommie Hamaluba

Ramey Schools Tree Planting Photos, PUERTO RICO!

We planted 3 Puerto Rican Hat Palms Sabal causiarum
The Puerto Rican Hat Palm has become a threatened species.
Because the grass is now mowed by lawn mowers instead of cut by machete, the seedlings never get a chance to grow from the mother plant.  Hence they are reproductive "dead" due to human activity.  That is why we are starting seedling and planting them when they are large enough that the lawn mowers will not cut them down.
A) Your school name   RAMEY SCHOOL
 B) Your city                AGUADILLA
 C) Your country          PUERTO RICO

Tree Planting Today in BRAZIL


Tree planting in Hungary/Budapest

ENO Tree Planting 2009 , UKRAINE

We have a success in the Planting Day. Three trees was planted by the disabled children together with world famous musicians, expert of the Nobel Concert Michail Kazinik.

We are not a school. Organization's name: Center for Children's Improving "Chance".

City Bila Tserkva of Kyiv oblast

Country: Ukrain

TreePlantingDay220509 from Watpongkonsow school Thailand

School name : Watpongkonsow school
City : Kaengkhoi, Saraburi
Country : THAILAND
Today we are happy at Pongkonsow forest Saraburi province. The chairman of GLOBE Program Thailand and 9 officers were join with 38 students and 5 teachers from Watpongkonsow school and 10 students 2 teachers from Jatukarm school Nakonratchasima province,we planted 120 number 12 type of trees . We had a very beautiful speek from the GLOBE Program Thailand Chairman. We hope the trees are help and still the Biodiversity in the Earth, evironment and life are sustainability.

Photos from Junior High school 1 of Medan, Indonesia