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A video from Colombia

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ENO Peace Book to celebrate 10th anniversary!

We aim to do a book about peace in the ENO Programme. This book would consist of 365 stories or fairy tales about peace, a story for each day of year. This book is for everybody who wants to start his/her day with reading a peace story: teachers, students, parents, children, world leaders.

Theme for stories or fairy tales is peace. Theme can be seen freely: it can be a short one but maximum one paper (A4). Writers are children from ENO schools, 6 – 16 yrs from all around the world.

This peace book is to be published in the general summit of UN 21st of September 2010 . In the same occasion books are given to world leaders there. Parts of it will be also published here online, to celebrate ENO Tree Planting Day and ENO 10th anniversary (2000-2010).

We will start to collect these stories immediately today 15th of November 2010. The ultimate deadline for submissions is 28th of February 2010.

1. ENO contact teacher at each participating school will ask their students to write peace stories. Each school will choose 3 stories, translate them into English and send them separately using this form.Stories can also be in Spanish or French but we hope that they would be in English

2. Authors (Mika and Esko-Pekka) will choose the stories for the book.

3. Some stories will be also available online by 21st of September 2010.

When the book is ready we aim to send an electronic copy to each school whose story was chosen to this book.

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Make ENO Tree Planters voice heard in the Koli Forum!

ENO Tree Planters has received an opportunity to join a high level forum with their opinions!

The Koli Forum on “Natural Resources – Solutions to Questions of Renewable Energy and the Mitigation of Climate Change” takes place from 22-24 October 2009. This first high profile Forum is hosted by the former President of Finland and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Martti Ahtisaari. The registered participants of the Forum represent a wide range of European leaders from business and development organisations as well as administration, politics, research and the media.

Koli Forum 2009 considers the economic impacts of climate change and the prospects for increasing the use of renewable energy, while also keeping in mind the competitiveness of Europe. The forest sector is used as a case example.

Director of ENO Programme Mr Mika Vanhanen was invited to this Forum to represent ENO Programme! We kindly ask that at first you would take some time to see more about forum on its website ( ) This site in in English. After exploring it come with your opinions and ideas and share them in the Forum Guestbook of ENO Teachers. We need comments from different parts of world and all the continents.

As the Koli Forum will start very soon I kindly ask your prompt actions.

The Special Questbook for the Forum can be found here:

Looking forward to your comments!

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Hi from Mauritius

Hello everybody
We are from Ecole du Centre, Saint Pierre, MAURITIUS (Indian Ocean). All the students and teachers gathered together to celebrate this great event. Three endemic trees (Aphloia theiformis, Begonia salaziensis, Dracaena concinna) were planted in the school playground by a class of 11 years old students. The tree planting exercise helped our students understand the importance of our beautiful Mauritian flora and lead them to a greater appreciation of the importance of our environnement in our lives.
Tracy Ribet
English Teacher

From Izmir, Turkey

Our dear  friends.

We are TR02 Hilal Necmiye Primary School from İzmir, Turkey. We celebrated the event with a little delay this year because of our holiday season for the Ramadan Festival. We celebrated the day on October 9th with a great participation of local authorities, TV stations and reporters, our new children and babies, our teachers, environment foundations. We were about 50 people on a erosion field near Bornova, the place we lived, in İzmir.  It was really great. The same night we had our place in a TV program and the other day lots of newspapers again. We planted over 300 trees this year and total amount of the trees we planted recently in 5 years to the number of 13.000. We are very happy. And we also very happy to be a part of ENO family.

Friday, October 02, 2009

ENO Tree Planting Day Photo Albums

We have been updating your photos and your comments in our online albums. And will go on. Find them below:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In Shageluk, Alaska, USA

"=) We actually had fun in the snow. The soil is still soft, no hard frosts yet but we did have snow. 2 C right now. All the nursery's in Alaska told me that where we live, the best time to plant trees is in the spring. Most dealers stop selling trees in late July! We'll see how our tulips do in the spring in honor of ENO Tree Planting day!"

ENO tree planting - pics-Concord Government School - Grenada


b) your city - ST. JOHN'S
c) your country - GRENADA
d) the number of participating people -  18(grade 6 students, the principal and teachers)
e)one photo attached
The Principal, teachers and students had a wonderful tree planting day the planted - 4 trees which include different citrus plants and fruits
They hope to make it bigger and better next year

Videos from 21 SEPT

CEI "San Ignacio" - Fundacion Cruzada Patagonica, Junin de los Andes - Pcia. Neuquen, Argentina

Scoala Speciala Caransebes, Romania

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ENO Tree Planting Day in Peru

A school teacher from the highlands of Peru sends these photos of the tree planting activity they had on 21st September. He is Mr Dilmer Nolasco Manta from the public school No 20591 at the district of San Lorenzo de Quinti -Huarochiri province - in the region of Lima. He says they registered with anticipation and he wants to share their satisfaction for having participate. They planted TARA (Caesalpinia spinosa), EUCALYPTUS and CYPRESS.

Gustavo BENZA
Embassy of Finland in Lima, Peru

A message from Kenya

Greetings from Consolata School in Nairobi Kenya.We had a fabulous and exciting tree planting day in our school.We invited five schools from our neighbouring vicinity.They were Lenana School/Moi Girls School Nairobi/ Pangani Girls School/Precious Blood Girls School/St.Mary School.They bonded so well together.Being a holiday they were all in high gear and so relaxed.We planted twenty trees of five different species.At exactly noon after the planting session there was a heavy downpour to show the success of the day.Bravo ENO teachers.
Kind Regards
Elizabeth Maloba.

Treeplanting in New Zealand

77 children and 11 adults from Riverlands School in Blenheim, New Zealand, planted 180 native seedlings on a riverbank reserve. The three classes of children, ranging in age from 10-13 years old, walked 3kms down to the river. The children invited people from the community to come and help us.

Gaylene Burborough
Riverlands School

Secundaria Tecnica No 12, Hermosillo Sonora Mexico

Escuela Secundaria Tecnica Estatal No 12
Profr. Juan Ceballos Ayala
Hermosillo Sonora Mexico

Fue una extraordinaria jornada a favor del emdio ambiente, sembramos árboles unidos sociedad y escuela, tuvimos una gran participación ciudadana.3 supervisores educativos, 2 funcionarios educativos, 2 funcionarios de gobierno municipal, 2 asociaciones a favor del medio ambiente "Premio OXXO a la Ecología Humana" Centro Ecológico del Estado, las asociaciones de padres de familia y 1035 alumnos todos involucrados en un espectacular programa donde hubo discursos, obra de tearo y canción oficial del programa ENO. Nos enorgullece formar parte de tan importante programa,

400 arboles plantados de la especie:
Prosoppis laevigata (Mezquite)
Maclura tinctoria (Mora)
Olneya tesota (Palofierro)
Neem (Arbol del Nim)
Solanum dulcamara (Piocha)
Brahea edulis (Palma de Guadalupe)

Muchas felicidades a todos por el día internacional de la paz.

Some planted trees in Brasil

Our event was a sucess!!

School: Dinorá Ramos Brito
City: São José dos Campos  São Paulo
Country: Brasil
Time: 03:00 PM
No. of Trees: 10
People: 50 students participated of this event

Argentina: ENO Tree Planting Day 2009

Hello everybody! 
Today we had a beautiful day of tree planting. For this occasion we visited Eberardo Hoepker a man who has spent his life planting trees. Eberardo helped us plant trees and told us her experience making forests in Patagonia.

a) School or group name: CEI "San Ignacio" - Fundacion Cruzada Patagonica
b) your city: Junin de los Andes - Pcia. Neuquen
c) your country: Argentina
d) the number of trees planted and species:
4 raulis (Nothofagus alpina), 5 notros (Embothrium coccineum), 3 michay (Berberis darwinii)
e) the number of participating people: 81 students, 4 teachers and a guest
d) Subject or class participants: Natural Sciences, Afforestation and Fine Fruit Production.

Best regards.

Ana B. Prieto
ENO Argentina - AR01

CEI "San Ignacio" - Fundacion Cruzada Patagonica
Ruta 61 - Km. 10 - Junin de los Andes

Planting tree Arica-Chile 2009

Dear friends :Students School D-4  Arica-Chile next teachers Gladys Hernández and Ivette Chavera are planting tree ( ENO programme).Students are motivated about this action that helps the planet to have without pollution air .Some students cerried out investigated plants and species that can grow in dry climates and can store water, and others students investigated the climate of this city  Arica-Chile.  

Thank you
Best regards
Gladys Hernández Parra
Coordinator Life-link

Canada : Sept 21 tree planting day, Winnipeg, Manitoba

École Munroe Junior High, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
We planted 1 Manitoba Maple (Acer negundo) in our school yard. We also worked with 2 other schools and 1 organisation to plant 97 trees along a trail that we are assisting in re-naturalizing (this was done Sept.16).
Thanks for including us in this project
Chris Coppinger

C.S.J Coppinger
Enseignant d'Immersion :Science / Mathématiques
Technology Coordinator
École Munroe Junior High

Monday, September 21, 2009

South Africa: Lavela Secondary School Tree planting Day 21 September 2009 at 12:00 PM

What a wonderful day planting trees at Lavela Secondary School Soweto, South Africa.

INDIA: Today 21sr sep-09 tree plantation pictures attached

 Group : BBC.ENG.Med.School (India), GGM and RATNAMS(NGO)


Chittoor city




2500 trees  

species :  red sanders ( Pterocarpus santalinus) very valuable species & mango trees.

Number of participating people : 300

In the Philippines, 21 Sept 2009

Hi ! It's been a wonderful day for us in Iligan city East High School-Hinaplanon. It was not only an event for students 9there were 30 students in my class) but other school administrators/principals joined us. There were 3 division supervisors and 5 school administrators who participated the event. Picture on the attached photo were education supervisor (standing in printed blouse), school principal inlavender shirt and a visitor who has been our country's most outstanding science club adviser (2006 in white blouse).Congratulations to ALL!
School: Iligan City East High School-Hinaplanon
City: Iligan City
Country: Philippines
No. of Trees: 30
People: 9 guests (3 education supervisors, 2 school principals, 3 school administrators, 1 guest)
            52 students in my class

Adam school , ECO GROUP, Oman


The Adam's School of the Sultanate of Oman in cooperation
With the ECO Group 5 trees planted
The number of participants 10

Data required:
Adam's School and ECO Group
Sultanate of Oman - Adam
Number of participants: 15

Some comments from participants:

- Participation in these projects are wonderful and we hope to cover the greens all arable land
(Mahmoud Yacoub Khussaiby)

- Planted to eat and we all with one hand for eating plant
(Khaled Nasser) 

 Mahmood ALkhusaibi
Oman , Adam

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dr Jane Goodall supports ENO Tree Planting Day 21 SEP

1200 schools from Indonesia

1200 schools only from Indonesia will join ENO Tree Planting Day! This great news came from ENO Asia coordinator Kalaimani Supramaniam from Malaysia.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Do this after the event!


1. Leave your message in our guestbook.

2. Please send a very short report including

a) your school or group name
b) your city
c) your country
d) the number of participating people.
e) include only one photo from your event (no more because we have 2000 schools)

3. Send all this to email address below (do not sent to all those addresses!) If you live in Europe If you live in Africa If you live in North or South America If you live in Asia

4. Record a video clipse, put it online (like Youtube) and send a link (NOT THE VIDEO) to . We will then put these links on the event website. Photos will be available later in our online photo albums.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Extened time for registration is 20 Sep!

Because of big demand we have postponed the deadline for registration. The deadline will be Sunday, 20th of September!

Monday, September 14, 2009

New videos for ENO Tree Planting Celebration!




Tuesday, September 08, 2009

ENO Africa ambassador Maiken Hamaluba's video

Please see Maiken Hamaluba's speech for ENO Tree Planting Day 2009!
Maiken comes from Botswana and is also a member of UNEP's Tunza junior board, representing Africa.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Capetown joined ENO Tree Planting Day

" The City Parks Department of the City of Cape Town in partnership with the Capricorn Primary school in Vryground has decided to join forces with ENO and has shifted its Arbor day event from the 5th September 2009 to the 21 September 2009 to commemorate both Arbor Day and ENO tree planting day. The Vryground is devoid of trees and it was for this reason that the Area was identified for both projects. The intention is to eventual green the whole area and create an environmental awareness amongst the inhabitants of Vryground”

Some Background of Capricorn Primary:

In early 2005 however, prompted by difficulties in placing the children from our Creche in Primary schools, and encouraged by discussions with friends and supporters, a decision was made to try and raise enough money to build a school. The concept started modestly, even thinking of using modified shipping containers as the basic units.

Dennis Fabian an architect and supporter for the project designed a proper school with 12 classrooms which would cater for over 400 children. Using his contacts, Dennis put together a team of professional and building firms, many of whom worked either for free or at a discount.

By early 2007 the project was triggered Work started on site in June 2007 and within six months the school was finished. On the first day of the school term 16th January 2008, Capricorn Primary School opened.

The school is what is called a Foundation Phase Primary School which caters for 4 grades, - Grades R through 3, - it has 12 classrooms and approx 400 children between 6 and 10 years old (35 per class). It is designed in such a way that it can be extended by building on another 12 classrooms for the other 4 grades of primary school.



Saturday, August 15, 2009

Celebrated 62 Indian Independence day with ENO-Tree plantation pictures attached

Hi ENO-Family,

Here once again on the occasion of 62 Indian Independence Day(
Saturday 15th  August-2009).  ENO-Tree plantation took place. With
approval of our school management we have mentioned in our school
Hand-BOOK. Every second Saturday is ENO- Tree plantation Day.  We took
our school vehicles to tree plantations. We are preparing for Big
ENO-Tree plantation Day on 21st Sep-2009.

For this worthy cause,

Mr. David & ENO- Tree plantation Team in India

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Registered school from Meuleke, Belgium

Free primary school Meulebeke (Belgium) have just registered to ENO Tree Planting Day. On the webpage of their nature reserve they had an important activity a few weeks ago. They sew seeds of new wild local weeds and wild local flowers so they can improve the diversity in our nature reserve. Pupils can study in a better way the beauty of nature! (not only a few strong plants that ‘overgrow’ the reserve) The results are very good as you can see on the recent pictures. ‘Just like planting trees on another level!

Their teacher is Lieven Van Parys, internationally awarded teacher who also is a runner....
Thanks for joining us Lieven!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Arrange ENO Tree Planting Day in your city!

Our next ENO Tree Planting Day will take place 21st of September that is also known as an international day for peace. Not only schools but groups and individuals will join this event and also organise concerts etc. around the day.

Get your city involved in ENO Tree Planting Day! We have the invitation ready in many languages with some information about ENO as well. So - if you have energy and resources please help us. We got to spread our message also outside schools, in our local communities and cities.

So far there has been positive response from Hargeisa (Somaliland), Rome (Italy) and Sydney (Australia). We need more! If you are interested send email to

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Language packs for ENO Tree Planting Day 21 SEP

Please find here A) invitations and B) detailed instructions how to organise ENO Tree Planting Day in different languages:









If you want to print a big banner you are welcome to download the file (127 mb, tif) here (click mouse and "save to disk")


Friday, June 05, 2009

ENO Tree Planting Day in Junin Los Andes, Argentina

We delayed the planting of trees because we had a storm of rain.
Today (World Environmental Day) we plant 5 trees in a square in Junín de los Andes, ARGENTINA.

The trees are:

2 Maitenes (Maytenus boaria)
2 Roble pellín (Nothofagus obliqua)
1 Araucaria (Araucaria araucana)

MMO Jorge L. Pepe
CPEM Nº 7 - Junín de los Andes - ARGENTINA
ENO Argentina

Sunday, May 31, 2009

In Australia

Where: Sydney, Australia
Who: 'Planet Patrol' which was started by Imogen, Freya and Alastair Wadlow over four years ago. They aim to 'educate, motivate and activate' other kids into protecting our planet. They run regular bushcare and eco-educational programs and run their own two websites: (for kids 8-12yrs) and (for kids 12-16yrs) which they also write themselves.
What they did: With some friends, they planted 60 beautiful Australian native trees. They especially liked that the theme this year was 'native' as they have been working hard to eradicate privet (a noxious introduced weed) from an area of bushland which was said to be 'beyond help' by the Council and bushcare groups. The kids were given permission to 'try' and have now removed around 40% of the privet through organising community bushcare days and are slowly restocking it with Australian natives which are grown by the Council nursery especially for the area from seeds taken from adjoining areas to ensure only trees native to the particular area are established. Native wildlife is returning to the area and open areas are now filled with native wild plants instead of introduced weeds.
The trees were planted in green bags to stop the local bunny population eating them. Planet Patrol have just contributed to the National Australian Rabbit Scan research by spending a weekend counting rabbits!
We are just having some nice rain so the 60 trees have a great start to their lives, even so, each tree was planted with water-saving crystals as things can get very dry during the summer months in Sydney.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Certificates available!

Dear ENO Tree Planters:

After you have planted your trees and sent photos and short info about your event,

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ENO Tree Planting Day 22 MAY photo albums

We have separate photo album for each continent. Every school that has sent their photo and information to the specific email addresses will be included in the photo albums:

Here are already some photos available:






Please note that ONLY photos to sent to certain email addresses have been added.
If you have used the wrong address please see the correct ones below:

Africa photos to
Europe photos to
Asia photos to
Americas photos to

Eno Tree planting on 22 May- Iraq

School: Assyri Primary School
Class: One, Two, three, Four & five (80 Students)
Eventual partners of co-operation: teaching staff & group of volunteers.
City: Kirkuk
Country: Iraq
Contact person : Surood MF Ahmad,

On 22 May, 2009 from 9:00 am, 80 students started planting 50 Olive trees with assistance some group of Volunteers (Member of Iraqi MP, Police Officer of Rahimawa police station & youth groups). also I put names of Students on the trees so each one can take care of his or her tree.

Best Regards,
Iraqi Alamal Association- Kirkuk

Monday, May 25, 2009

A short clipse 22nd of May from ENO, Finland

Video from the republic of Macedonia

Primary school Dimitar Miladinov, Skopje

Sunday, May 24, 2009


ENO club of erganization SIQA – Georgian association of educational initiatives. Georgia, Rustavi, has joined the day of Global Biodiversity and world-wide tree planting activity related to this day. Members of our club with the help of other volunteers of the organization have put into the ground 15 new plants, in the yard of orphan children care centre. About 20 lonely children were involved in the activity and the day has become one of the happiest ones in their lives. After tree planting activity a little training was held for orphan children about ecology and global ecological problems. This way we tried to improve their Eco awareness and create bases of love and need to take care of the nature in their minds.


School: N°319 "República Popular China"
Country: Uruguay
City: Montevideo


iam sorry iwas very sick an we have this week examinationes  but we did it we plant two trees
 and these some pictures besides we renew our garden and agricultyre romme plants
 thank u for all eno socity
 mohammad shalabi
 nishwa prep school


Dear ENO Planting Day team,
The attached pictures are from Oman and we planted 16 trees as part of your day.
Salim Al-Busaidi

Hello from Izmir - TURKEY

These are our ENO Tree Planting Day 22 May 2009 photos.
We planted only 50 trees;but, we'll plant 1000 trees 21 September 2009.

  A) Your school name: Buca Anadolu Lisesi TR 05
  B) Your city: Izmir
  C) Your country: TURKEY

Greetings from Izmir-TURKEY


Tree planting day at National Learning & Training Center in SOMALIA

Treeplantation pictures from B.B.C.Eng.Med.Schoo, GGM& RATNAMS.

Hi Mika
we are going to take up tree plantation activity as continuous process atleast once in a month in a big way.
I will send all the reports.
In India schools reopen on first week of June.
summer vocations for students from last week APRIL to First WEEK of June every year.
With best wishes
Mr. David &ENO Tree Plantation's Team in India


Dear Mika,    

Students from Bulgaria:

Secondary School of Economics "G.S.Rakovski", Varna planted some plants in the scool courtyard on 21 May 2009!   


Here is one picture. Can you upload it on the site please!

Nelly Vicheva

Five mango trees in Sri Lanka

We are from Nannapurwa Navodya School.22 of May we planted five Mango trees in our school garden. Principal ans other teachers helped us to plant.We sang a song and dance according to song.We will contact with over the world

Siri  Sri Lan


Dear Mr. Mika & other friends related to ENO.


We, in India celebrated the World Forest Day with our students getting them to spend the whole day in the forest, making their own huts with their bed sheets and bamboos. In this way we wanted that they may come in direct contact of mother nature, and  while spending the whole day away from cell phones, TV and other household comforts of material life. They could listen the music of the birds and trees. They arranged for their meals themselves under the supervision of teachers. They also started the process of planting trees. Though the rainy season has not set in, in India so the plantation would go up to August, 2009. We shall plant two hundred fifty hard wood trees on Government barren lands near to our institution. The Distt. Forest Deptt. Roopnagar  would help us providing the plants. We hereby attached the photographs. The students belonging to snap no. 7192 – Amazon Group  stood first  for all forest activities such as searching for different kind of plants, species, woods, stones and making huts with minimum help from the forest. Group Nile , snap no. 7193 stood second & group Yangtze  snap no. 7190 stood third.


I hope you will find the activities very interesting. Your valuable advise is required.




Sukhjinder Singh
SASA India

Sahibzada Ajit Singh Academy

Residential School (Both for Boys & Girls)

Simran Nagar, Morinda Road,

Roopnagar – 140001