Friday, September 29, 2006

Tree planting in Cuba

There were about 70 schools in Cuba that took part. Here are some comments from one of them, Centro Politécnico Villena Revolución from Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba.

"We are very happy to take part in ENO – Programme . We have 2000 students and they have between 14 – 18 years of age (girls and boys) and very interested in our contacts. Our students in the first year have between 14 – 15 years. Our students and professors have many project for the cooperation between you: Heritage and Environment, Environment and Cultural of Peace, for example. We have experience in the Education for the Sustainable Development.

The last 21 of September was a great ecological festivity. At 8.00 am all, before the class, make an act of reflection for the peace. At noon, in every students groups, again they talk about the present problems of peace in the world and about Environment.

Also, at 8.00 am (we have now high temperatures) an group of representative students (one for class) and five professors, make the ENO planting day. There were 25 students and five professors. We planted 500 little trees of Framboyán, Guásimas, Ocujes and Mangos, nearby Pancho Simón river. We send you the photos. "

Thanks for the opportunity for make a wonderful world. Congratulations for all,

Rafael Méndez

Profesor de Producción Animal y Coordinador para el Trabajo Ambiental
Centro Politécnico Villena Revolución
Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba

Riots and president elections in Zambia

In Zambia schools and groups had to postpone tree planting activity. This was mostly because a day before the tree planting day there were riots at soweto market where some of the stalls were gutted in a blazing fire and now they have the elections results to chose our President of Zambia.

Despite this, 21st of September 3 trees were planted in Chipembi Girls secondary school, donated by Miss Earth Zambia organisers.

"That not being an excuse to stop us from planting trees but it did disturb it in a way or another. We were not able to get the trees on time but now have them and wish to plant them by the coming week. "

1020 trees planted at school in Lithuania

On 21st of September, celebrating the International Day of Peace, our school Silale Simonas Gaudesius Gymnasium participated in ENO tree planting day.

We planted about 1020 pines. Junior pupils from the primary classes also participated in ENO tree planting day and they planted 20 pines in the area of our gymnasium. While they were planting near the school building, the 10th graders students were replanting the burnt forest. It took about 2 hours to plant 1000 trees. When we came back to school everyone said that they were happy that they had participated.

We also asked 3rd and 4th grade pupils what they think of forests: There are some of the ideas e.g.:

"Forest for me is: Friend; Sporting place; The most beautiful place in the world; Land of mushrooms;"

"We must save of forest, because: Forests are decreasing, but population is growing; Trees can protect us; Our motherland would be destroyed; "

"Life without trees would be: Ugly; Sad; Filthy; Dull; "

"Who is not fond of trees: He/she at the same time doesn't love humans; Is not sincere; Is against trees;"

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tree Planting in Sierra Leone

2 youth groups in Sierra Leone took part. Children's Advocacy Group for Empowerment-International planted trees. See more photos about their event here:

Certificates for tree planters!

Each school/group that took part to this event and have submitted their information to ENO Tree Database or to coordinator will receive a certificate. This will be in English, French or Spanish.
The certificate is Ms Word file. If you took part but don't have word we can send you the certificate as pdf file.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

An Italian way to plant trees/a video clipse

IIS Salvemini Lagrange in Rome planted trees and celebrated the day with Italian desserts... mmm.. wish I were there..

See their video clipse here ( about1,5 min, wmv)

Tree Planting Day in Cameroon

8 schools/groups registered to this event in Cameroon. Lycee General Leclerc in Yaounde planted a ficus.


"It was very interesting, but because of lack of knowledge about trees we didn't plantet many trees."

Tree Planting Day in Mali

3 schools in Mali participated the event. CFPE(Centre de Formation Pratique en Elevage)
planted 10 trees (7 mango trees, 2 lemon trees and 1 guava).

" A week before the Day, we bought the plants with a farmer near our school. Besides with help of adults the student dig the necessary hole for the trees and put manure in them.

The D day, I mean the 21st September in the afternoon everything was ready. The ceremony starts around half past three. Before planting the tree some pictures was taken with the supervisor of our school. Then she say a few words of encouragement and gave the green light for starting the tree planting. There were two surprise students one boy and one girl respectively 3 years old and 2 years. They also participate to the planting.

There were around 20 persons who took part to the humble ceremony of our tree planting."

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tree Planting Day in India

SKSS International Public School from Ludhiana, Punjab planted 111 trees (Neem, Mango,Silver Oek,Pepal) to celebrate the day.

"It was an exciting day in the school. This year we announced that any one can participate from 3rd standard onward. The programme was to start at 10.30am (IST) and 111 students made a Que at 10.25am. The school alloted a space and 111 students planted 111 trees ie. each one was having one tree. "

Tree Planting Day in Kenya

9 schools/groups from Kenya participated the day. ENO schools in Oyugis ( Nyanduma, Bonge and Rawinji School) planted in total 1 000 trees ( Blue gum, Cassurian type, African Oliandrous, fruit trees). Congratulations!


The Catek organization under the leadership of Mr.Odhiambo Rapemo (ENO mentor in schools/Kenya) organized the ENO-tree planting day on 21-9-2006 in four sites.1.CATEK site 2.Nyanduma school 3.Bonge school and4.Rawinji school. The planting went on as follows:

Planting was done on Saturday 16th of September, 2006 between 3.00p.m to 5.00p.m.A total of 500 seedlings were planted. Trees varied from Blue gum trees, Cassurian type, the African Oliandrous and some fruit trees. Each ENO participant carried five tree seedlings to plant in their home garden.

All the ENO students from our three schools organize peace prayers for peace to prevail in the Middle East countries. This was then land marked by planting six peace-trees-in the shape that hand appears to show peace.
This tree represents the continents of the world N-America, s-america, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.? PEACE BE TO ALL ON EARTH??.Trees to prevent wear ?off and neuirish fertility. Amen!
2-Nyanduma school (19-9-2006) 3.00p.m-4.00p.m)
200 trees were planted at the school by the students.Trees
were got from CATEK tree-nursery.
3-Bonge school-(20-9-2006) 3.00p.m-4.00p.m)
150 trees were planted at the school .Trees were from
CATEK tree nursery
4- Rawinji school (21-9-2006, 3.00p.m-4.00p.m)
150 trees were planted at the school. Trees were got from
CATEK Tree-nursery.

For more information contact
Caretaker of the Environment/Kenya
P.o Box 497, Oyugis
Mobile: +254-720-107-973, or

Monday, September 25, 2006

Tree Planting Day in Poland/ a video clipse

3 schools in Poland registrated. Przedszkole Publiczne Nr 5 from Glogow planted 3 trees (Picea pungens)

" Comments: 21st of September we celebrate the International Day of Peace! Every child made pigeons of peace and poster with inscription ?Day of Peace?.
The gardener brought us trees. We planted trees of peace on playground with children.
That day all children played, sang songs, recited poems about peace and tolerance in the face of other people. We made photo-report from our celebration.
-> 125 children (3-6 year old)
-> gardeners (Josef Plocha, )
-> nursery school teachers(Bozena Gajewska, Ewa Matuszczak, Renata Choszcz, Walentyna Bock, Anna Kozak, Sylwia Puncewicz, Anna Kozak, Dorota Kaczmarek, Dorota Jasinska, Ewa Kurzak - headteacher)"

Tree Planting Day in Ukraine

3 schools in Ukraine took part. Lyceum 62 from Zaporizhzhya planted 6 trees ( Alnus cordata, Tilia cordata, Weigela florida, Turdus pilaris)

Comments: " The schoolchildren are planting trees and bushes into the ground. The operator from the local television "Alex" was present. The girls of the 11th class prepared the song about Zaporizhzhya especially for this ecological event. Elder children showed to junior pupils, as it is necessary to correctly planting trees.

Domingush, the pupil of the 10th class: "I like the participation in this event. It's quite clean what we do and why."

Kechakhmadze, the pupil of the 10th class: "I'm always ready to offer my help in such case. The trees are verdure and a great decoration for our school yard. Such plants protect our bodies and sones from harnful things."

Starovoytova, the pupil of the 10th class: "I have been interested in ecology for a long time. A took part in ecological competitions last year. I'm very glad that today I could take part in such event."

Tree Planting Day in Tanzania

ENO school in Tanzania (Star Schools) planned to plant 1 000 trees to celebrate this event. In addition Miss Earth Tanzania together with 100 secondary school students planted 40 "Ashok" trees in Dar-es Salaam.

"Miss Earth Tanzania 2006, Richa Adhia celebrated tree planting day in Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania with style. The newly reconstructed Mwenge bus stand received 40 trees that were planted in coordination with the Municipality to ensure that in the future commuters will be able to take a respite from the heavy traffic in a specially cordoned off area that will be filled with trees. The ultimate goal is to plant more trees but the landscaping of the bus stand is not complete and there was no space to plant more trees. The invited guest of honor was the Mayor of Kinondoni Municipal who was unable to attend and instead sent the Councillor of Goba Ward, Ibrahim Kisoky to represent him. At 12 noon, Richa together with Honorable Kisoky, planted a symbolic tree and this was followed by the approximately 100 students from different secondary schools including Shabaan Robert, Loyola and Tambaza. The students planted in a group trees and later watered the trees. Children sang the tree planting songs including ?Hi hoe?. They proved to be highly entertaining for the children who were enthusiastic in their activities and had recently formed environment clubs. They all promised to work hard to plant trees throughout the year. The event has received excellent media coverage as this activity has proved to be unique in the history of environment conservation by a beauty queen. Richa has pledged to continue conserving her city ? Dar-es- Salaam through other activities."

Tree Planting Day in Romania

13 schools from Romania joined the day. cl.I-VIII Nr.3 "Mihail Sadoveanu" from Falticeni planted 3 Tuya orientalis

"It was a very nice day, all the students were very glad to bring their message of peace by planting these trees. Before, we made some publicity in our town and in our school. One adult began to dig the whole Raluca Melinte is the girl who told us about ENO project and about the importance of this first common activity dedicated to environment and peace. Petrica Prisacaru was the student who planted our peace symbols and we added as an ornament a tricolour ribbon, like our national flag (red, yellow, blue). We all were thinking at our friends from all the countries where there are still fights and conflicts and we prayed for them. We hope to live in a better world, a world of peace for everybody. "
Elena Pascovici- ENO Teacher

Tree Planting Day in the Philippines

Two schools from the Philippines registered to tree planting day. East High School-Hinaplanon from Iligan City planted 35 trees ( Citrus carpa Bunge).

Joined the world's Environment On-Line Tree Planting Event

The YES-O (Youth for Environment in School Organization) of Iligan City East High School Hinaplanon, Philippines joined the world?s Environment On-Line simultaneous tree planting activity on September 21, 2006 at exactly 12:00. With the initiative of the YES-O Advisers and the support of the Administrator, Mrs. Juliana O. Baroro , the Yes-O officers and members planted lemonsito,_(Citrus carpa Bunge),_an endemic flowering plant of the country which is widely used as food flavoring, seasoning and preservative and a rich source of vitamin C.

The advisers and the officers of the YES-O are very fortunate to respond to the invitation since tree planting activity is one of the thrusts of the club."

Tree Planting Day in the Dominican Republic

Notre Dame school in Santo Domingo planted Cordia Sebestana, Acacia Mangium and Sweietenia Mahagoni. The number of planted trees was 75.

"We started planting trees in Santo Domingo at 4:00 p.m., the representative of the City Council Marianna Szabo cooperated with 25 little plants of Cordia Sebestana that were planted on the school play ground. We also planted 50 trees of Mahogany and Acacias. Five members of the Neighbor?s Committee including the president helped us planting the trees and asking permission to the neighbors for planting trees on their home?s front or garden. The City Council noted that this side of the street was without tree shade and encouraged and supported our activities.
The children sang the song ?Paz en la tormenta?(Peace in the storm) and read about the origins of the International Day of Peace in the UN and some famous people?s quotes.
We ended the day with the happy thought of a green planet cover with new trees and the dream of a new world in peace and harmony."

Friday, September 22, 2006

249 trees by PIEDAR in Pakistan

4 registered schools and PIEDAR (EE Programme) participated ENO Tree Planting Day. PIEDAR gathered students from Islamabad,Rawalpindi,Lahore and Kabirwala. They planted 249 trees. Species were Jacoranda,Neem,Griawalia,Hibiscus,Lemon,Oranges, Mango, Jambolin, Sukhchaan, Bikaiin,Metha and Burna.

"It turned out to be a very enjoyable and learning experience.The chief guest were Ms.Anna Liisa Kaukanin and Mr.Petri Lehtonen project assistant from the Embassy of Finland.The girls from Comprehensive School and E-8F-G secondary High School read out ENO message, sang songs and read poems written by them.The guest praised the efforts of the students and stressed on the fact that the nuturing of the trees is very important and how these schools,staff and studentsof EEPAL all over Pakistan are positively contributing to World Peace throuh environment conservation.All the principals of the schools in the above mentioned cities thanked ENO for giving them this opportunity of playing a positive role locally which enabled them to part of a Global event."

Tree Planting Day in Trinidad Tobago

2 schools/groups planted trees in Trinidad Tobago. Waterloo Presbyterian School (ENO school) in Carapichaima planted a tree.

The other group was Environmental Warriors, see their slideshow here.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tree Planting Song in Lithuanian!

We have a special tree planting song made for this event called "hi and ho, we plant trees"!

Our ENO school (LT02) in Lithuania has made a version in Lithuania. An interesting version and language, and the same message! You can listen to this version here.(Windows media file)

Today in Estonia

9 schools from Estonia participated. Holstre Kool in Holstre planted Aesculus hippocastanum


"On a sunny colourful day our children aged 2-18 and teachers gathered by our playground. We sang a song dedicated to Treeplanting Day. It was selfmade runic verse song, which contained information about the event in general, about the treeplanting day and wishes for the tree. Two leader singers sang a line and all the others repeated it. We had prepared the hole and also provided a bottle which contained a sheet with the words of our song. While singing it, our principal together with our kindergarten children planted our chestnut tree. It was very sweet that every child used his own little spade for putting more earth around the roots and together they all poured water. "

Today in Italy

13 schools in Italy took part. School 5° Circolo "G. Verdi" in Andria planted a Pinus.

Comments: "This is a great event for us.We feel close to the world's children as we reach our goal.

Today in Hungary

2 schools in Hungary joined the event. ECO High School from Tokaj planted a tree (Tilia Cordata).

"Though many of our students and teachers are away in Poland on an ECO Project, there were still some eager students and teachers left... We shared knowledge on ENO and its main goals and Tilia Cordata as well, it was all like a living Biology lesson. We hope to see a healthy, nice tree on the main street of Tokaj, which is a part of World Heritage. And thanks ENO for the invitation!!!

Today in Czech Republic

6 schools in the Czech Republic planted trees today. ZS Borovského from Karviná planted 22 trees, species below:

Magnolia liliiflora
Platanus acerifolia
Gingo biloba
Tilia cordata, Fastigiata
Fagus sylvatica, Rubra
Salix pendula
Corylus avelana, Pendula
Crataegus laevigata, Pauls scarlet
Prunus, Nashi - Kumoj
Sorbus aucuparia, Fastigiata
Quercus robur, Fastigiata
Larix kaepferi
Prunus, Sakura
Rhus typhina
Cotinus cogygria
Thuja orientalis, Aurea
Catalpa bignoides, Aurea
Salix, Shiku - Shidare
Physocarpus opulifolius, Aurea
Physocarpus opulifolius, Red
Robinia pseudoakacia
Acer negundo, Flemingo

Today in Japan

2 schools in Japan participated tree planting day. Kobe Municipal Minato Junior High School planted a fragrant Olive

"Today was a lovely autumn day. About 20 students council members and English club members joined this event. After planting the tree, the student council head read a message, pledging for peace and the environment. Then we sang NEGAI, the peace song made by Hiroshima JH students in 2002."
Suwako Nagata

Today in Belarus

7 registered schools in Belarus planted trees. School №35 in Minsk planted 3 trees ( Sorbus aucuparia)

Comments: "The pupils of school number 35 the city of Minsk (Belarus) are very glad to greet the participants of the project. We hope that our mutual efforts will lead to the fact that our Planet will be ecologically clean and people who will live here - happy and healthly."

Today in Austria

KMSI in Vienna planted 5 trees ( 3 x arbor corula, 2 x arbor malus) .

Comments: "We were invited by the magistrate of Vienna to go to the outskirts of Vienna and to plant 5 trees for the green belt of the cityMr Heider, the man in charge, was awaiting us there (we were transporting 5 big trees by public transport) and 2 ladies from the magistrate helped us to dig the holes and showed us how to plant well. Mr Heider was holding a speech, one of the pupils was reading the official statement, we were singing the song "Hi and Ho", and then Mrs Bader also spoke some few words concerning tree planting and the International Peace Day. Since all our students are emigrants and most of them come from war demolished areas, peace is new and totally important to them."

Today in Slovenia

54 schools in Slovenia registerd to this event! Primary school Franja Goloba (UNESCO ASPnet school) in Prevalje planted 3 trees (Juniperus communis, Thuja smaragad).

Their comments: "Students of the "Primary School Franja Goloba Prevalje, Slovenia have planted two kleks an one juniper to celebrate the ENO TREE PLANTING EVENT. The trees have been planted by three pupils, the headmaster of our school had a short speech to remind students and teachers why this day is important for all of us.(more:"

Today in Greece

36 schools in Greece participated the day. 1st Technical School in Sofades planted an olive tree.

Comments: "All the the teachers and students of The 1st Technical School of Sofades participated in the "tree planting for peace"!We hope and wish PEACE to be realized to all the World! "

Today in Finland

50 schools/groups from Finland registered for this event. In Kumpula School (the city of Porvoo) students planted 1 Sorbus Granatnaja.

Their comments about the event: "It was a sunny and warm weather here in Porvoo when we planted our tree. All our schools pupils (58 pupils and 15 staff personell and some invited guests) gathered around our plant.We had a memorable moment, sang the treeplanting song in Finnish and had some speeches. "

Today in Croatia

7 schools from Croatia registered to ENO Tree Planting Day. Elementary school Dubovac from Karlovac planted a tree (LatinSyringa vulgaris L)
Their comments: "This special event was performed by almost 30 student and 3 teachers. We planted lilac tree at 10am in our school backyard. Local journalists were present too. They will write the article about the event. We were all very thrilled about it because it was our first participation in some of the ENO events."

Today in Lithuania

Silute Agricultural School in Silute planted 10 trees (LatinQuercus robur, Sorbus aucuparia,Tilia cordata, Fraxinus excelsior, Acer platanoides). Altogether 51 registered schools from Lithuania took part.

Their comments: "It was a nice event for our school community.We were happy planting trees and commemorating the International Day of Piece. Students and teachers have planted 10 trees next to our school's building.This event is very important for us in many aspects. First of all we are people who can change the world and say:"WE ARE FOR PEACE".

Today in Taiwan

In Southern Taiwan, Fenghsin Senior High School invited mayor of Fengshan city, where our school is located, Director of Water Reserved, Dean of Volunteer Training Program and Principal of J. F. Kennedy School from El Salvador to plant trees with us. Together with 50 students and 10 other teachers and staff, we planted two trees. Please visit our two tree-planting photo websites:

Today in Palestine

2 Schools from Palestina registered to event. Nahalin Secondary School for boys in Bethlehem planted 100 forestry and ornament trees . Their comments: "It is great event and thx to the Boss of the Committee and we want to you that our shool will be paradise if this event will happen"

Today in Iran

6 schools from Iran participated tree planting event. Godsiye High School (NDYS) from Damavand planted a cypress to mark the day. Their comments:
"We are happy for the opportunity."

Today in Uzbekistan

School #48 and School #34, Namangan. They planted 36 poplars. Comments: "We would like to join U AS A PART OF THE WHOLE WORLD". We are glad to join the project and help Save the Nature."

Today in Thailand

Despite the difficul situation in Thailand today we have tree planters there.

Watpongkonsow SchoolCity, Sarabur, Thailand

Queen?s Flower. Lagerstroemia speciosa Pers.
Flame of the forest. Spathodea campanulata P. Beauv.
White Cheesewood.Alstonia scholaris R. Br.
Tabaekna. Lagerstroemia floribunda Jack.
Black Plum.Syzygium cumini (Linn.) Skeets.

Number of trees : 400

"Today there are 50 students,2 teachers, 14 officer of forest and 12 peoples from village go to the place for plant 400 number trees. 12.00 o'clock they are happy to plant many trees. They want to help the green enironment in the world."

How many of us and how many trees?

I am happy to tell you the current numbers for ENO Tree Planting Day 2006 (by 21/9 , 03.00 AM/UTC):

525 registered schools or groups
22 219 trees
81 countries

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Early start in Japan

English students and their teacher Maryam Behnoodi planted their tree in Hyogo today, a cypress 47 cm. Well we are to start tomorrow but we cannot say "hold on" to eager planters!

Early start in Iran

Kherad Middle School students in Teheran (Iran) planted 5 cypresses to mark this day. They did it a bit early than we will officially start.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Early start in Eritrea

Though we have two days left before ENO Tree Planting Day our ENO students in Finnish Mission School planted their trees 18th of September 2006. This school is in Asmara, Eritrea

Greetings from the Minister of Education and Science, Finland

Dear virtual learners and teachers

Planting a tree takes knowledge and skill. But knowledge alone will not make the tree grow; for this you need awareness and enthusiasm to pick up the spade and dig. If the planting goes well and the tree is growing, you have learned the essential and acted on what you have learned. It is quite possible that your children will see the tree you plant now.

Tree planting is motivated by a desire to do good. Seeing "the wood for the tree", we know that our planting has many values. As President Nelson Mandela has said: "Nature may be interpreted in various ways - as a basis for scientific business endeavours; as a resource; something to look at, experience and enjoy; or as an artistic inspiration."

We are currently celebrating the International Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. The essential in sustainable development is to learn to see the various dimensions and consequences that things and actions have. The environment - the state it's in - is interlinked with development, respect of human rights, war and peace, and people's well-being.

The globe is an entity of limited natural resources. We have to learn to save global resources and to share them equally and fairly. During the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, we should also weigh up different solutions to global problems. Unfortunately, these problems will not disappear or sort themselves out; it is we who need to take action.

Tree-planting is also motivated by a desire to do things together. It is a marvellous feeling to belong to a community of children and young people living in different cultures in different parts of the world, which is, after all, one global village. I think it excellent that you feel shared responsibility and are committed to solving our common problems together.

Thanking you for your initiative, I wish you all the best for the International Day of Peace and success for your virtual network.

Antti Kalliomäki

Minister of Education and Science

Hyvät verkkokoululaiset ja opettajat,

Puun istuttaminen vaatii tietoa ja taitoa. Tieto ei kuitenkaan yksin auta puuta kasvamaan. Tiedon lisäksi tarvitaan innostusta ryhtyä toimeen. Jos istutus on onnistunut ja puu kasvaa, olette oppineet olennaisen ja toimineet oppimanne mukaisesti. On hyvinkin mahdollista, että myös lapsenne näkevät tulevaisuudessa nyt istuttamanne puut.

Puun istutukseen motivoi myös halu tehdä hyvä työ. Kun katsotaan "metsää puilta", huomataan, että istutuksellamme on monenlaista arvoa. Etelä-Afrikan entinen presidentti Nelson Mandela on todennut "Luontoa voidaan tulkita monin tavoin - välineenä tieteellisiin tai kaupallisiin päämääriin; voimavarana; kokemusten tarjoajana - katseltavana ja nautittavana; tai taiteellisen inspiraation lähteenä".

Vietämme parhaillaan kansainvälistä kestävää kehitystä edistävän koulutuksen vuosikymmentä. Kestävässä kehityksessä on juuri olennaista oppia näkemään asioiden ja tekojen monet ulottuvuudet ja vaikutukset. Ympäristö ja sen tila kytkeytyvät kehitykseen, ihmisoikeuksien kunnioitukseen, sotaan ja rauhaan sekä ihmisten hyvinvointiin.

Maapallo on luonnonvaroiltaan rajallinen kokonaisuus. Maapallon voimavaroja on sekä opittava säästämään että jakamaan oikeudenmukaisesti, yhdenvertaisesti ja tasapuolisesti. Kestävää kehitystä edistävän koulutuksen vuosikymmenen aikana onkin hyvä myös pohtia mahdollisia ratkaisuja monenlaisiin globaaleihin ongelmiin. Valitettavasti ne eivät katoa tai tule itsestään ratkaistuiksi, meidän on toimittava.

Istutuspuuhiin motivoi myös halu toimia yhdessä. On hienoa kokea yhteisöllisyyttä eri puolilla maapalloa ja eri kulttuureissa elävien lasten ja nuorten kanssa – samassa maailmankylässähän tässä ollaan. On hyvä, että sitoudumme yhteisten ongelmiemme parantamiseksi yhteistoimintaan ja tunnemme yhteistä vastuuta.

Hyvää kansainvälistä rauhanpäivää teille kaikille ja menestystä verkoston toiminnalle,

Antti Kalliomäki


Monday, September 18, 2006

Over 20 000 trees!

Amazing.... the number of trees that wil be planted has risen over 20 000.
Of course, the exact number we know after the day or rather by the end of October.

This event is a clear indication that we need more local and global actions together at schools and amongst children and youth. Small ones are making a BIG day. Together!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

ENO Tree Database

We have a database for the participants that is also public on the web. Tree planters are to put their information about their event (name of school/group, location, number of trees, species) on the database.

Go to ENO Tree Database

Friday, September 15, 2006

A big poster for ENO Tree Planting Day

ENO school in Taiwan Fengshin Senior High School has designed a poster for ENO Tree Planting Day. Teachers Doris Wu says: "This poster will be made into a big-size one, where later on Sep. 21 people can do the autograph on the poster. By contributing to the whole picture with their own signature, we all together create a peace-day poster. We have invited our town mayor and Director of Water Resource in our county to join our tree-planting ceremony and the singature activity. Later, on Sep.25, we will have the poster signature to be a closing. My school will host a national-wide ICT presentation meeting with 200-250 English teachers coming from every part of Taiwan. Meanwhile, the director of Computer Center of MOE will be also be in the meeting. This is a great opportunity for us to promote the goal of ENO."

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Instructions in English/Español

How to prepare for the event? Here are some instructions for you.
You can make the event freely as you like but this is to help you.

English version (*doc)


Monday, September 11, 2006

We start in New Zealand

Riverlands School, Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand (NZ02) will be the first official school to start the tree planting chain around the world. We do have other participants from NZ as well.

"As part of a cultural visit to a local Maori (native people) Marae (traditional place of gathering) we will plant a native Rimu tree at midday on September 21st. Our senior school of 5 classes will be involved in this and we are beginning tomorrow to learn our tree planting song.

As it is customary to give a koha (gift) when visiting a marae we will gift a native tree. The tree is to be sourced from a parent of a child in Year 6. We hope this endeavour will foster peace and goodwill, beginning in our own community and flowing around the world. We hope to have the local paper there to take photos."

Gaylene Burborough
Riverlands School NZ02


Saturday, September 09, 2006


As trees will be planted at midday 12:00 local time, see here the schedule (and order) converted to UTC Time

New Zealand0:00
Australia2:00- 4:00 AM
Indonesia3:00-5.00 AM
Japan3:00 AM
Malaysia4:00 AM
Philippines4:00 AM
Taiwan4:00 AM
Thailand5:00 AM
Kazakhstan6:00 - 7:00 AM
Nepal6:15 AM
India6:30 AM
Sri Lanka6:30 AM
Pakistan7:00 AM
Uzbekistan7:00 AM
Georgia8:00 AM
Iran8:30 AM
Somalia9:00 AM
Belarus9:00 AM
Bulgaria9:00 AM
Estonia9:00 AM
Finland9:00 AM
Greece9:00 AM
Israel9:00 AM
Kenya9:00 AM
Latvia9:00 AM
Lithuania9:00 AM
Palestine9:00 AM
Romania9:00 AM
Tanzania9:00 AM
Turkey9:00 AM
Uganda9:00 AM
Ukraine9:00 AM
Albania10:00 AM
Austria10:00 AM
Botswana10:00 AM
Burundi10:00 AM
Croatia10:00 AM
Czech Republic10:00 AM
France10:00 AM
Germany10:00 AM
Hungary10:00 AM
Italy10:00 AM
Macedonia10:00 AM
Namibia10:00 AM
Netherlands10:00 AM
Poland10:00 AM
Slovakia10:00 AM
Slovenia10:00 AM
South Africa10:00 AM
Zambia10:00 AM
Zimbabwe10:00 AM
Cameroon11:00 AM
Ireland11:00 AM
Nigeria11:00 AM
Scotland11:00 AM
UK11:00 AM
Cote d'Ivoire12:00 PM
Sierra Leone12:00
Argentina3:00 PM
Chile4:00 PM
Cuba4:00 PM
Dominican Republic4:00 PM
Guyana4:00 PM
Paraguay4:00 PM
Trinidad and Tobago4:00 PM
Jamaica5:00 PM
Brazil3:00 - 5.00 PM
Canada3:00 - 7:00 PM
Mexico6:00 - 7:00 PM
USA4:00 - 10:00 PM

Friday, September 08, 2006

13 000 trees in Turkey

: Hilal Necmiye Husnu Ataberk İlkogretim Okulu

"You know us. We are TR02 from Ýzmir, Turkey. We are a proud member of ENO since 2004. Maybe, you want to know that we have 13.000 trees planted now in Ýzmir. And this event started with the ENO. We will plan to plant about 200 trees at The Tree Planting Day at 21st September."

Club 1000

Would you be proud to be a part of this club?
These schools/groups will plant 1 000 trees to celebrate ENO Tree Planting Day 2006 :

Lithuania: Silale Simonas Gaudesius Gymnasium, Silale:
"This Summer was really hot and dry here in Lithuania. Many forest had burned, so now we must replant them. . All 10th Grade schoolchildren will take part, more than 150 students will plant 1000 trees. It would be great to come there after ten years and to say: "I had planted this forest..."

Tanzania: Star Schools, Iringa
Kenya: Rawinji and Nyanduma Primary, Oyugis
Sri Lanka: Arunalu, Colombo

You are mostly welcome to join this club with your 1000 seedlings.... well the most important is that you join this event, even with one seedling!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Forbidden access?

Unfortunately we have been notified that some people cannot access this website in
We found out that in some countries this blog server ( and other popular blog sites are censored. This is sad.

But there is a way to get to this site, with an alternative address here (for people in India, Iran, China or Pakistan):

I will put this address available on the ENO website.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Global visitors 5th of September

We are happy that this activity has really spread globally. See visits in this blog by places marked on the map, during Tuesday 5th of September

Abidjan, Ankara, Asuncion,Athens
Benevento,Berlin, Bitem,Brlenka
Cainta,Canjevo, Ceska Trebova, Concepcion, Curtea De Arges
Denver, Dublin
Garches, Georgetown, Glogow
Haapsalu, Helsinki, Honolulu
Iasi, Innala, Ivangorod
Jaani, Joensuu
Kadaka, Kaipola, Kaohsiung, Kaunas ,Kohtla-Järvi, Kolonnawa
La Nava De Santiago, Lappeenranta
Mäntsälä, Mexico, Miami, Murphy
Pärnu, Paide, Plunge, Pori, Porto, Porvoo
Rakvere, Ramat Gan, Recke, Riga, Roma, Rome, Rueil-Malmaiso
Sabadell, Salou, Santo Domingo, Sherbrooke, Sihva, Sipa, Skattmansby, Skopje, Sobelice, Sortsi
Tallinn, Tartu, Tehran, Toronto, Turku, Tyresö
Valgijärve, Warren, Wellington, Vienna, Vilkeliskes, Villarrubia, Vilnius, Windhoek, Vratsa

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Chat room for participants

We have a chat room for ENO Tree Planters. Here you can have a chat or leave your comments about the event. Join this chat room especially 21st of September!

Each user needs login and password. These are the same that you received via email after your registration.


P.S. If you are not a registered participant please share your comments in Audio Guestbook, here.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Comments from Chile

Centro AquaSendas, Concepcion

The tree planting activity will be a committment to become more aware of global issues affecting us locally. A great opportunity for our students to feel just one with the rest of the ENO worldwide school community.

What did the tree learn from the earth to be able to talk with the sky?
Pablo Neruda (Literature Nobel Prize chilean poet).

Peace message from UNESCO

UNESCO's Director-General's Peace Message

Please find the message (pdf) of the Director-General on the occasion of the International Day of Peace

Veuillez trouver ci-joint le message (pdf) du Directeur générale à l'occasion de la journée internationale de la paix

Friday, September 01, 2006

Preparations around the world

Turkey: Hilal Necmiye Husnu Ataberk Ýlkogretim
"We are TR02 from Ýzmir, Turkey. We are a proud member of Eno since 2004. We have 13.000 trees planted now in Ýzmir. And this event started with the ENO. We will plan to plant about 200 trees at The Tree Planting Day at 21st September."

: Allameh Jafari Technical school and Omrane andishe high school
"We plant love , peace and the green desire to live."

Finland: Juurikka`s Primary School
"We'll plant an appletree because the most important doing in the world, is to take care of garden and we'll get also apples in future for our school. We can make jam and juice and eat them direct from the tree. We already have three appletrees, but one more is good."

Tanzania: Star Schools
"We expect to plant 1000 trees this year.As we did last year we will do it together with the community leaders.We also want to make a campain for planting trees with other schools in Tanzania. I also suggest that wherever these events being conducted let it be for the benefit of the whole specific community or Nation."

Latvia: Makonkalns primary school
"We will plant trees opposite blocks of flats, becouse in this year many trees are destroyed by frost."

Japan:Minato Junior High School
"This is our third year to plant the trees under the leadership of ENO. This has become our annual event in our school. We will plant a fragrant olive. Our theme of this event is " For the environment, peace and the creation of the future" We will sing NEGAI with the students council members and English club members. NEGAI is a peace song made by Hiroshima students in 2002. Thank you for this opportunity!Suwako"

Uzbekistan: School-gymnazia#1
"We are going to plant trees trees in our school garden. we want to involve more than only those 20 members of ENO program!"

Macedonia: SOU,,Orde Copela" Prilep
"The mayor provides us the trees which will be plant in school's back yard. In thins activity will take a part 25 children (from one class). The students are already exited about it."

Netherlands: Visser 't Hooft Lyceum
"We will plant one tree in our schoolgarden to join the actions and commemorate Peace Day."

Sri Lanka: Arunalu
"We are an environmental group involved in sustainable devlopment activities related the environment to improve the lifestyle of the rural communities. We will plant 1000 seedlings."

Pakistan: PIEDAS
"EEPAL is an environment education programme being carried out by PIEDAR.Currently we are working in 65 schools in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore ,Peshawer, and Kabirwala.This programme is being supported by the embassy of Finland! It will be a source of great strength for our schools to take part in the ENO Tree Plantation Event 2006.This will be a part of our biannual tree plantation,the trees are fruit trees and flowering trees. We look forward to your positive response."

Cuba: Centro Politecnico Villena -Revolucion
"We will make reflexion for the peace and environment. For all the people in the world is very important make actions for the peace."

Trinidad and Tobago: Environmental Warriors
"Last month the Government of Trinidad and Tabogo sent 5 students to the 7th Wider Caribbean Environmental Youth Program, held at the US Virgin Islands Environmental Resource Station, Lameshur Bay, St. John. We are planting trees in memory of those persons who lost their lives to natural disasters"

Cote D'Ivoire: Lycee professionnel de Gagnoa
"We will plant 30 trees. It will be a succes for us to do this activity. may god help us."

Thailand: Watpongkonsow School
"Our school is near Khoa Yai National Park. We happy to learn in the nature and please to joint ENO Tree Planting Event 2006"

Ireland: Archbishop McQuaid N.S.
"Terve! Looking forward to joining the group. The expression "Giant Oaks grow from little acorns" would seem appropriate here!"

Botswana: John Nswazwi Secondary School
"We shall keep you informed as to the exact number of trees to plant because as for now,we are not sure as to how many trees the government shall provide us but we intend to buy(with our own money 5 trees that shall be dedicated to ENO TREE PLANTING DAY.We intend to use this activity as an instrument to launch ENO in the school.We hope our intensions shall succeed."

Romania: Colegiul Tehnic de Electronica si Telecomunicatii
"In Romania we are in summer holliday now, in all the school and in many public office. We intend recive the trees from the green space service from the city hall but is posibel to speeck from 1'st sptember. In Romania the teacher begin the activities in 1'st sptember and the childern in 15 september."

Israel: Zin- sde boker
"We are going to plant an olive tree, as a simbol of peace, especialy now, just after the war we have been involved in. we are glad it's over and hope for peace all over the world."

Burundi: LIPADE
"I am looking a fundraising in order to realise many activities that day."

Sierra Leone: Children's Advocacy Group for Empowerment - International
"We the children need to live in an environment fit for all living things. we the children are ready to stand and protect our environment for a brither and prosperious feture.The world is ours so we have to maintain it without waiting for it to be done only by the elder."

Video clipses and links


Video clipses from different schools


Bulgaria: Lyceum Artis, Sofia
Finland: Pataluoto School, Joensuu
Greece: 3rd High School of Polichni-Thessaloniki
Romania: School N8, Sibiu
Romania: Scoala "Mihai Eminescu" Rosiorii de Vede
Slovenia: Osnovna šola Rodica
Turkey: Buca Anadolu Lisesi TR05,
Turkey: TV news/Bornova Hilal Necmiye Hüsnü Ataberk Primary School,

The Drops Of Life ( premier 29th of May)

Pataluoto School, Finland:

Fengshin Senior High School,Taiwan:

Jakoba Aljaza Primary School, Kranj, Slovenia:their video

2006 ENO Tree Planting Day

ENKA Schools, Istanbul (windows media)

Tree Planting Day at Punahou School


Tree Planting Day in Kaunas Julijanava Secondary School(windows media)

Tree Planting Day in GAETANO SALVEMINI, ROMA (1,5 minutes, wmv)

Przedszkole Publiczne Nr 5 (windows media) 2 min 9 sec

"Hi and hoe, we plant trees!"7000 singers in Joensuu, May 2006
See with Real Player
Download mpeg


Hi And Ho:We Plant Trees! by ENO Students in Ashdod, Israel
A Windows media file


Furgeson Elementary, CA, USA (small picture)

National Fengshin Senior High School, Taiwan

A 24-hour trip around the world.
4 minutes 31 seconds.
In real format

A slideshow presentation as flash
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Photos 2004 - 2009

We started this event in 2004. See hundreds of photos from schools around the world who have joined ENO Tree Planting Day.

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