Friday, September 01, 2006

Preparations around the world

Turkey: Hilal Necmiye Husnu Ataberk Ýlkogretim
"We are TR02 from Ýzmir, Turkey. We are a proud member of Eno since 2004. We have 13.000 trees planted now in Ýzmir. And this event started with the ENO. We will plan to plant about 200 trees at The Tree Planting Day at 21st September."

: Allameh Jafari Technical school and Omrane andishe high school
"We plant love , peace and the green desire to live."

Finland: Juurikka`s Primary School
"We'll plant an appletree because the most important doing in the world, is to take care of garden and we'll get also apples in future for our school. We can make jam and juice and eat them direct from the tree. We already have three appletrees, but one more is good."

Tanzania: Star Schools
"We expect to plant 1000 trees this year.As we did last year we will do it together with the community leaders.We also want to make a campain for planting trees with other schools in Tanzania. I also suggest that wherever these events being conducted let it be for the benefit of the whole specific community or Nation."

Latvia: Makonkalns primary school
"We will plant trees opposite blocks of flats, becouse in this year many trees are destroyed by frost."

Japan:Minato Junior High School
"This is our third year to plant the trees under the leadership of ENO. This has become our annual event in our school. We will plant a fragrant olive. Our theme of this event is " For the environment, peace and the creation of the future" We will sing NEGAI with the students council members and English club members. NEGAI is a peace song made by Hiroshima students in 2002. Thank you for this opportunity!Suwako"

Uzbekistan: School-gymnazia#1
"We are going to plant trees trees in our school garden. we want to involve more than only those 20 members of ENO program!"

Macedonia: SOU,,Orde Copela" Prilep
"The mayor provides us the trees which will be plant in school's back yard. In thins activity will take a part 25 children (from one class). The students are already exited about it."

Netherlands: Visser 't Hooft Lyceum
"We will plant one tree in our schoolgarden to join the actions and commemorate Peace Day."

Sri Lanka: Arunalu
"We are an environmental group involved in sustainable devlopment activities related the environment to improve the lifestyle of the rural communities. We will plant 1000 seedlings."

Pakistan: PIEDAS
"EEPAL is an environment education programme being carried out by PIEDAR.Currently we are working in 65 schools in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore ,Peshawer, and Kabirwala.This programme is being supported by the embassy of Finland! It will be a source of great strength for our schools to take part in the ENO Tree Plantation Event 2006.This will be a part of our biannual tree plantation,the trees are fruit trees and flowering trees. We look forward to your positive response."

Cuba: Centro Politecnico Villena -Revolucion
"We will make reflexion for the peace and environment. For all the people in the world is very important make actions for the peace."

Trinidad and Tobago: Environmental Warriors
"Last month the Government of Trinidad and Tabogo sent 5 students to the 7th Wider Caribbean Environmental Youth Program, held at the US Virgin Islands Environmental Resource Station, Lameshur Bay, St. John. We are planting trees in memory of those persons who lost their lives to natural disasters"

Cote D'Ivoire: Lycee professionnel de Gagnoa
"We will plant 30 trees. It will be a succes for us to do this activity. may god help us."

Thailand: Watpongkonsow School
"Our school is near Khoa Yai National Park. We happy to learn in the nature and please to joint ENO Tree Planting Event 2006"

Ireland: Archbishop McQuaid N.S.
"Terve! Looking forward to joining the group. The expression "Giant Oaks grow from little acorns" would seem appropriate here!"

Botswana: John Nswazwi Secondary School
"We shall keep you informed as to the exact number of trees to plant because as for now,we are not sure as to how many trees the government shall provide us but we intend to buy(with our own money 5 trees that shall be dedicated to ENO TREE PLANTING DAY.We intend to use this activity as an instrument to launch ENO in the school.We hope our intensions shall succeed."

Romania: Colegiul Tehnic de Electronica si Telecomunicatii
"In Romania we are in summer holliday now, in all the school and in many public office. We intend recive the trees from the green space service from the city hall but is posibel to speeck from 1'st sptember. In Romania the teacher begin the activities in 1'st sptember and the childern in 15 september."

Israel: Zin- sde boker
"We are going to plant an olive tree, as a simbol of peace, especialy now, just after the war we have been involved in. we are glad it's over and hope for peace all over the world."

Burundi: LIPADE
"I am looking a fundraising in order to realise many activities that day."

Sierra Leone: Children's Advocacy Group for Empowerment - International
"We the children need to live in an environment fit for all living things. we the children are ready to stand and protect our environment for a brither and prosperious feture.The world is ours so we have to maintain it without waiting for it to be done only by the elder."