Thursday, September 21, 2006

Today in Austria

KMSI in Vienna planted 5 trees ( 3 x arbor corula, 2 x arbor malus) .

Comments: "We were invited by the magistrate of Vienna to go to the outskirts of Vienna and to plant 5 trees for the green belt of the cityMr Heider, the man in charge, was awaiting us there (we were transporting 5 big trees by public transport) and 2 ladies from the magistrate helped us to dig the holes and showed us how to plant well. Mr Heider was holding a speech, one of the pupils was reading the official statement, we were singing the song "Hi and Ho", and then Mrs Bader also spoke some few words concerning tree planting and the International Peace Day. Since all our students are emigrants and most of them come from war demolished areas, peace is new and totally important to them."