Friday, September 29, 2006

Tree planting in Cuba

There were about 70 schools in Cuba that took part. Here are some comments from one of them, Centro Politécnico Villena Revolución from Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba.

"We are very happy to take part in ENO – Programme . We have 2000 students and they have between 14 – 18 years of age (girls and boys) and very interested in our contacts. Our students in the first year have between 14 – 15 years. Our students and professors have many project for the cooperation between you: Heritage and Environment, Environment and Cultural of Peace, for example. We have experience in the Education for the Sustainable Development.

The last 21 of September was a great ecological festivity. At 8.00 am all, before the class, make an act of reflection for the peace. At noon, in every students groups, again they talk about the present problems of peace in the world and about Environment.

Also, at 8.00 am (we have now high temperatures) an group of representative students (one for class) and five professors, make the ENO planting day. There were 25 students and five professors. We planted 500 little trees of Framboyán, Guásimas, Ocujes and Mangos, nearby Pancho Simón river. We send you the photos. "

Thanks for the opportunity for make a wonderful world. Congratulations for all,

Rafael Méndez

Profesor de Producción Animal y Coordinador para el Trabajo Ambiental
Centro Politécnico Villena Revolución
Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba