Friday, November 30, 2007

ENO Tree Planting in Portugal

Escola Ebi Vasco da Gama, PT04:

21 November, Our Tree Planting Day

Finally with pomp and circunstance we had our welcoming party to the new arrived trees for our school.
The party was very entusiastic with songs, dancing, speeches, written texts and visual effects.
There was a ceremony of commitment of each of the twenty classes/whose students acted as godparents of the trees/whose students supported the forces. These students agreed to take care and look after them from now on, watering and feeding them.
All this was possible due to the entusiasm of whole community and participants such as the Parc Expo, enterprises that offered the trees and Vibeiras, helped preparing the land.

We, students, teachers, enterprises and the President of the Parents'association are very happy and feel congratulated for this event and we thank ENO PROGRAMME the promotion of this kind of initiative.

ENO Tree Planting in Malta

St Benedict's College Ghaxaq Primary School:

On the 13th November we went to Ta' Qali and took part in the Tree For You (3 4 U) campaign. When we arrived a gardener showed us the place and explained how many different trees are planted there. He taught us about the Maltese flora and fauna. Afterwards we had lunch and took part in a treasure hunt.
Time passed quickly. It was time to plant our trees. The Year 5 classes planted one tree each while the Year 6 classes planted two trees each. In all we planted six trees.
It was an unforgettable experience. Now I am looking forward to visit Ta' Qali Park again to see whether our trees have grown or not.
(Luke Schembri - Year 6)"

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tree Planting Day in Thailand

Yannawate Wittayakom School from Bangkok planted 40 trees (Sonneratia caseolaris Gaerth). Their comments:

"There were 33 students in grade 11 of Yannawate Wittakom School took a bus to Klonhkhon, Samutsongkram to get in to mangrove forest for tree planting. We planted 40 Sonneratia caseolaris Gaerth or 'Ton Lum Poon' as a Thai name. I thought it was different that we went to mangrove forest. We all thought that it was a really good idea to plant the trees to decrease the pollution in the air and reduce global climate change which is an issue that affected on everyone in the world. After we got back in Bangkok we have induced the project to our neighbors. We all respect in our self and everyone to planting trees to make the peaceful and our beautiful world."

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tree Planting Day in Somalia


Iftin school had participated the ENO TREE PLANTING DAY here in Somalia on 21st September 2007 .

In the tree planting occasion, many people had participated; these people were including, school committee, Elders, Community Elders, educationists, environmentalists, and other dignitaries.

Iftin school had planned 50 trees with participation of both the students and teachers.

We also urge other schools and the community as a general to fight against the deforestation and encouraged them to plant a tree in front of each house.

Iftin school

Monday, October 08, 2007

Tree Planting Day in Brazil

Escola Municipal Anisio Teixeira planted trees in Brazil. In the photo you can see their tshirts representing animals from our play "The Drops Of Life".

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Veni, vidi, vici!

ENO is a winner of The Global Junior Challenge Awards 2007

ENO-Environment Online was one of the winners in the Global Junior Challenge Awards. Out of 600 projects from 80 countries, an international jury selected 100 as a finalists. These projects were presented in the Istituto Tecnico Industriale Statale Galileo Galilei. The winners were announced during the award ceremony that took place in the beautiful Giulio Cesar Room in the Campidoglio City Hall. They were also invited to meet the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano in the Quirinale Palace.

The Global Junior Challenge is a global award promoted by the Digital World Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by the Municipality of Rome and six major ICT companies. The intention of the award, dedicated to young people and to schools, is to identify and reward best practices on the use of new technologies in education and training of youngsters.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

TV news from Turkey

Tree Planting in Congo DRC

Young People Association for the Human Development and the Environment Protection (YPAHDEP) has planted trees at the open of ENO school year on the 21st september, to celebrate the Internationl Day for peace and contribute also to the Billion Tree Campaign of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), over 50 participants planting 50 trees of peace. Local General Direction of Enviornment (GDE) attended and presented also a massage about the support which provide the Congolese government on the environment protection and remindd the participants the date of National Planting Tree Day, which is celebrate by the congolese Economic Forest Ministry each year on 3 november in order to participate the young people and other persons at that initiative.

the activity was co-ordinated by MIKOLO-NGOULOU Porel Arnet and has delivered also a speech on the objectives of ENO and the tree symbol which remind us of the nature and the importance of environmental protection and symbolise also co-operation between our schools around the world.Student composed and presented a song inspired by the Young People Association for the Human Development and the Environment Protection(YPAHDEP).The activity started at 12-00PM and finished at 13-00 PM.

Best regards

Mikolo-ngoulou porel arnet
From Young People Association
for the Human Development and the
Environment Protection(YPAHDEP)
Tel : (242) 520 52 27

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tree Planting Day in the republic of Macedonia

5 schools/groups registered in Macedonia. SOU,,Orde Copela,, in Prilep planted 35 trees ( Juglands, Betula,Pinus).

" Our school celebrated this event with NGO,, Knowledge harvest,, with common activities. Both of us were responsible to provide certain number of trees. On this important day in the school back yard were around 150 students and NGO's members. The representative from local community came. The event was covered by media. The speech which was prepared by Eno coordinator was read and after it a group of students sang songs and told poems. With one word: It was a wonderful day!!!"

Friday, September 28, 2007

Tree Planting Day in Belarus

1o schools or groups planted trees in Belarus. Gymnasium 4 from Smorgon was one of them.
Their comments:
"We planted 15 trees -apple ,cherry,russian birtch, oak.Team of voiceof Ombudsman school service volunteers started the activity.A lot of studnets brought flowers to their classrooms to make theirclasses better place to stay and learn.We invited veterans of WW2 as well because of Day of Peace as well(welost in WW2 more than 3 million of our people).So we were trying to send a message that we are open for theintrenational cooperation and collaboration and would like to live inpeace , respect oursleves and others."

Tree Planting in Cameroon

3 registered schools or groups planted trees in Cameroon. Lycée Technique Industriel et Commercial in Bafoussam planted 135 trees (Abies pectinata Law). Their comments: "The invent was a verying good one. All of us who contributed enjoy the activité. The principal of my school proposed that we should continue with the activity through out the year. Our students found the activity very exciting. We wish to plant more trees in our environment."

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tree Planting in Botswana

Hi All,

On 21st September our Gaborone Senior Secondary School ICT club took part in the commemoration of the International day of peace by dedicating some plants to the "future peace". This is a day when our ENO (Environmental Online) community plants trees in the globe and enhances our oneness.

We gladly planted 20 trees!

Tree Planting in Costa Rica

6 registered schools planted trees in Costa Rica. This message comes from teacher Xinia Alvarez, in Liceo San Rafael de Alajuela.

" El día lunes 17 de septiembre trate de ingresar los datos para lograr participar, en plantando árboles el 21 de setiembre, pero no me enviaron la contraseña por tal razón le envió los datos tomados.

Durante el día viernes los estudiantes repartieron en la institución afiches y conversaron con los profesores sobre el proyecto.

Mi institución no tiene zonas verdes, por tal razón debí buscar un lugar para realizar la siembre de los árboles y debimos hacerla el día siguientes sábado 22 a las 8:00 a.m., participaron 7 estudiantes sembrando 5 árboles de naranjo y Jacaranda. No conozco los nombres en latin.

Las medidas son:

Nº de árbol



10 cm


13 cm


12 cm


12 cm


11 cm


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tree Planting Day in UK

11 schoolsl in UK registered to our event., The Holgate School from Hucknall, Nottinghamshire planted a birch (Betula Pendula).

Their comments: "
Although it was a stormy day we planted our tree. The School Council (representing each year group at our school) planted the tree, watched by members of the community and our Year 7 pupils."

Tree Planting video from Bulgaria

This video comes from LYCEUM ARTIS, Sofia, Bulgaria

Certificates for tree planters

ou are welcome to download a cerfticate on your efforts. You can download it , put your school name/teacher name there and print it.

Choose a template from these versions:

Tree Planting Day in Russia

Ecos Center for Creative Development and Liberal Education:

We managed to involve 16 schools of our town and region, 632 children and adults took part in ETP who by joint efforts planted 1095 trees!!! Everyone enjoyed the day although the weather might have been better and a little warmer.
warm regards to all,
till our meeting online in ENO school
Olga, RU03

Tree Planting Day in Morocco

Instituto Español Lope de Vega from Nador, Morocco joined our tree planting day. Their comments:
The 21st September at noon we planted 5 Wasingtonias and ten familiar garden trees, after having read the ENO discourse in four different languages: English, French, Arabic and Spanish.It was a very emotional event. The Council took part in it apportying the plant trees and
peolple to help us.The trees are now planted inh front of our school and a different course every month is in charge of watering the trees. Many regards to everybody

Monday, September 24, 2007

Tree Planting Day in Slovakia

5 registered schools in Slovakia joined our event.

"Students of Business Academy in Levice
planted 3 trees in the area of their school. Before this great event students had had a workshop about International Peace Day and they were happy to do something good for their environment and the support of the world peace.

Dr. Zuzana Mészárosová, teacher of Business Academy

Tree Planting Day in Canada

15 registered schools in Canada planted trees. This photo comes from Dalhousie Middle School, New Brunswick.

Tree Planting video from Pataluoto School

Tree Planting Day in India

4 registered schools took part. Rukmini Devi Public School in New Delhi planted 6 trees ( Azadirachta indica, Ficus religiosa, Ficus bengalensis). Their comments: " About 30 students from our school paticipated in celebration of Tree Plantation Day.On this day speech was given by one student in morning assembly.Students spread the message of environmental protection and peace by holding placards and planting trees.It was an enriching experience both for us and our students."

Tree Planting Day in Trinidad Tobago

16 s
chools, iEARN Trinidad Tobago, 3 NGOs and Natural Disasters Youth Summit,Trinidad and Tobago 2008 took part to tree planting day. Photo comes from UNESCO Youth Club representing 13 Primary schools the three secondary schools in the Northeastern coast of the island.

The students, teachers and youth group members and members of the community held an interfaith service, before plant the first of 100 trees, a mango tree.

Tree Planting Day in Greece

6 registered schools in Greece took part. This photo comes from 2nd Gymnasium of Kilkis.

Tree Planting in Pakistan

5 registered schools planted trees in Pakistan. This photo comes from World Learning Grammar School in Karachi. Their comments:

"We celebarated Planting day at Shaheen Academy(the project of World Learning Grammar School).

Students were so much excited and intrested to participate it. we got presentation of protection of Environment and really students got lots of information about environment after that they planted
the small tree and plants.

We invited honorable personalities of city to encourage the students."

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tree Planting Day in Egypt

This photo comes from Nashwa Prep School in Egypt. They joined our tree planting day.

Tree Planting Day in Nepal

This photos comes from Nobel Academy, Kathmandu. They joined ENO Tree Planting Day 2007.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Drops of Life on ENO Tree Planting day in Turkey

We are glad to inform you that our students performed “The Drops of Life” on ENO Tree Planting Day, September 21, 2007. It was greatly appreciated by everybody present for the event. The message given by the play was very significant.
As we don’t have a hall in our school, the play was performed in the school garden. It was also worked in a very short time (3 days) so that we couldn’t prepare any costumes. The students wore caps having the pictures of the animals on them. However, despite these circumstances they put up a good performance.
The names of those who took part are the following:
Owl: Serhat ERDEM
Gorilla: Behlul SUAYYIPLAR
Panda: Delal SALMAN
Puma: Idiz SONMEZ
Koala: Seval YILDIZ
Child: Yaren TELEK
Costumes and Scenery: Nisa GÜNDOÐDU, Filiz SAYAL, Hatice DEMIREL

Kind regards
H. Buket YERELI, Eno Teacher

Tree Planting in USA

7 registered schools planted trees is USA. This photo comes from Polytechnic School in Pasadena, California. Their short comments:
" What a wonderful day!"

Tree Planting Day in Taiwan

3 registered schools plant trees in Taiwan. This photo comes from Fenghsin Senior High School.

Tree Planting Day in Costa Rica

6 registered schools planted trees in Costa Rica. Colegio Gregorio José Ramírez Castro in Alajuela planted 10 trees.
Their comments: " En el Colegio Gregorio José Ramírez Castro, participaron 4 estudiantes de 10mo Año de Trabajo Comunal del Proyecto Globe, 1 profesora de Matemáticas-Katia Mora y 6 estudiantes de su grupo guía la 7-4, 1 profesor de Español-Mario Ramírez quien nos leyó un poema sobre el árbol, 6 estudiantes de 7mo y 8vo del Proyecto Globe y mi persona María Portuguez, profesora encargada del proyecto Globe en nuestro colegio.La actividad estuvo muy bonita ya que los estudiantes pudieron hacer conciencia de la importancia de cuidar el medio ambiente y de la importancia de los árboles para ayudar a sanar en parte el problema que el calentamiento global del planeta está provocando.Se hizo incapié en la importancia de que estas generaciones le dejen a las futuras un legado, que es el respeto a las diversas formas de vida existentes en el planeta, en este caso los árboles. "

Tree Planting in Italy

12 registered schools in Italy. Scuola Media Statale "A. Manzoni" in Catanzaro planted three trees ( Acer monspessulanum, Aesculus Hippocastanum, Acer campestris). Their comments:

"It was a very sunny day and we took about 300 pupils to the park where they planted their trees. The event was a very special one, pupils wore white T-shirts with a small logo "Plant for the planet" on them, they sang songs and told poems about the trees and sang "Hi and Hoe" while planting the trees. They also exhibited a lot of posters they had painted, with pictures of trees and advertisment for the event. It was a great experience for them and for us teachers as well. "

Tree Planting and HOPE ín Argentina

CEI "San Ignacio" - Fundacion Cruzada Patagonica from Junin de los Andes planted Nothofagus dombeyi.

Their comments: " Our school suffered a fire August 24 and we lost almost everything. This week we begin the classes and this event of planting a tree has been a symbol for us. A lot of people are helping us to begin again. Although we lack many things we also want many to return to the normality and of growing next to other schools ENO. This day was special for us and we want to want peace and love to all the schools ENO that day by day they think and they work to achieve a better world.

MSc. Ana B. Prieto, Prof. Natural Sciences

CEI "San Ignacio" - Fundacion Cruzada Patagonica

Junin de los Andes

Argentina "

Tree Planting in Czech Republic

11 registered schools. ZS Prameny in Karviná - Ráj planted Tilia tomentosa . Their comments: " We children from the 4th class at basic school Prameny in Karviná (Czech rep.) say Hello to everybody. We planted our tree (lípa in czech language)at 12 o´clock, the weather was wishing our tree celebration - it was sunny and warm. We are glad that our tree can help to better air. It´s important for nature and all people. "

Tree Planting in Poland

35 registers Polish schools plant trees. One of them was The Complex of Special Schools No5 / Zespół Szkół Specjalnych Nr 5 in ŁÓDŹ. Their comments: " Dear Friends of ENO Schools.We are proud that we could participate in ENO Tree Planting Day 2007 and International Peace Day.We planted one tree called Salix integra Hakuro Nishiki.The pupils prepared the paper Peace Doves.Welcome to visit our regards to all the participants in ENO Schools "

Tree Planting Day in Portugal

7 registered schools planted trees in Portugal. One of them was Agrupamento de Escolas de Avelar-Escola Básica 2.3 de Avelar-PT01. They planted 2 Quercus. Their comments:

"Everybody was delighted with this celebration at school.The idea of doing a campaign for PEACE and for the ENVIRONMENT was wonderful in the students' point of view.They really like to participate in meaningful projects. They appreciate helping and protecting the world and taking care of the FUTURE."

Tree Planting Day in Germany

6 registered schools plant trees in Germany. Cusanus-Gymnasium Erkelenz planted "Fraxinus excelsior". Their comments: "It is a brilliant day! We start to autumn-holidays after the planting. Best wishes to all schools around the globe! "

Tree Planting Day in Estonia

There were 6 registered schools in Estonia. Narva Humanitaargümnaasium planted 10 trees ( Quercus robur.Betula pendula.Acer.Picea abies).

Friday, September 21, 2007


Here will be links for videos recorded in ENO Tree Planting Day 2007:

Bulgaria: Lyceum Artis, Sofia
Finland: Pataluoto School, Joensuu
Greece: 3rd High School of Polichni-Thessaloniki
Romania: School N8, Sibiu
Romania: Scoala "Mihai Eminescu" Rosiorii de Vede
Slovenia: Osnovna šola Rodica
Turkey: Buca Anadolu Lisesi TR05,
Turkey: TV news/Bornova Hilal Necmiye Hüsnü Ataberk Primary School,

Today in Turkey

16 registered schools from Turkey. This is a greeting from one of them:

"Dear colleagues and students of ENO schools.
We wish you well on this International Day of Peace.
We planted 200 trees with our students.
Greetings from Izmir-Turkey
Buca Anadolu Lisesi-TR05
Our school is a "school of peace"
To see please:
ENO coordinator
LLP European Projects coordinator
Buca Anadolu Lisesi
Tel: +90 505 662 00 98
Fax: +90 232 275 12 98

ENO Tree Planting Day 2007 photo album


Find it here:

Today in Bulgaria

9 registered schools from Bulgaria took part. This photo comes from Primary school "St .Sofronii Vratchanski" Vratza.

Today in Finland

About 65 registered schools in Finland took part. Polvijärven kirkonkylän koulu planted two birches (Petula Bendula).

Today in Thailand

Dear all.

Today we are happy in the field of our school. We planted 60 number of trees, there are
1. Pterocarpus indicus 50 number,
2 Psidium guajava Linn. 10 number.
We have 4 teachers, 53 students for planted today. Hope all ENO member enjoy too.
Mr.Watcharin Sanoresieng
ENO teacher, Watpongkonsow school, Saraburi, THAILAND

Today in Lithuania

registered schools planted trees in Lithuania. One of them, Silute Agricultural School planted Quercus robur and Acer platanoides. Their comments: " This is a gift we leave to the world - a little piece of paradise. Students' trees are its heritage not only to celebrate its for fathers, but also to provide legacy to those who will come after us."

Today in Hungary

3 registered schools in Hungary planted trees. School ASTK Nagyváthy János Tagintézmény from Keszthely planted a Albizia Julibrissin. Their comments: " It was fun to see teenagers get touched by the event. It was also great to feel collegues help each other and work together. Thanks for everyone."

Today in Latvia

5 registered schools in Latvia took part. This photo comes from Aizupes pamatskola, Jelgava, Latvia. Their comments:

" We were very glad to participate in ENO tree panting and international peace day.
Our school teachers together with pupils and their parents have taken care about environment for many years. We take part in different projects and activities. We are planting trees . We save resourses and help to recycle garbage. This year we have got international EKO green flag for participating in different activities to improve the situation of environment. "

Today in Kuwait

5 registered schools inKuwait planted trees today. This comes from Bayan Intermediate School For Girls. Their comments: " We all enjoyed this activity very much."

Today in Slovenia

About 40 registered schools took part in Slovenia. This photo comes from OS Maksa Pletersnika Pisece. Instead of a tree we "installed" our own tree.