Thursday, December 28, 2006

Tree planting in Bangladesh

The YES alumni of Bangladesh held a tree plantation session on
Wednesday, 4th October 2006. The planting session started at 11 am
at the premises of Hurdco International School, located at Bashundhara, Dhaka.

The chief guests of the event were Michelle Peters, Acting director, American
Center, Dhaka and
Nalinee Cain, Deputy Director of American Center. The
principal of Hurdco International School, Fahmida Chowdhury a;ong with the
school staffs were also there to grace the occasion and also to help out.

Eight alumni members were present at the planting session along with
Dulal Biswas, Country coordinator, Nacel Open Door. Two of the alumni are
also teachers of that particular school.

The members planted a total of 11 trees at the playground of the school.
This included

  • 6 mahogany trees
  • 2 amla trees
  • 1 neem tree
  • 1’hortoki’ tree
  • 1 ‘joba’ tree

The tree planting session lasted till 1 pm. The alumni members also assured
that they would replace any tree that does not survive in due time.

The alumni would like to thank Fahmida Chowdhury and her staff for their
utmost cooperation in executing this project and also to the students of the
school for participating in the plantation. Gratitude also goes to Michelle Peters
Nalinee Cain for gracing the occasion.