Saturday, December 13, 2008

A donation from UPM to ENO Tree Planting Campaign

UPM supports ENO Tree Planting Campaign 2017

UPM is sending season’s greetings with a donation to ENO, to help them achieve their challenging target of planting 100 million trees by 2017.

In 2008 ENO Environment Online made a bold commitment to plant 100 million trees by 2017. Through its donation UPM wants to support ENO to achieve the target and their commitment to contribute to the mitigation of climate change and to show that forest grows everywhere.

For further information please contact:

Mrs Aili Piironen, Director, Issues Management, UPM, tel. +358 204 150 221
Mr. Mika Vanhanen, Coordinator, ENO, tel. +358 40 507 07 25

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Separate photo sites for Africa ,Americas, Asia and Middle East

I have created separate photo sites for different continents and regions. We still are working on to a separate one forEurope.

Please find these sites with lots of photos here:




NEW: ENO Europe

ENO Middle East

ENO Oceania

Sunday, October 05, 2008

A new discussión forum for ENO Tree Planters!


I am happy to tell you about a new discussion forum dedicated for ENO Tree Planting Day and generally environmental issues. There are forums both for teachers and students.

Please find it here:

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Commissioner Margot Wallström's blog salutes us!

Margot Wallström is European Commissioner for Institutional Relations and Communication Strategy. She is also the first of five vice-presidents of the 27-member Barroso Commission.
She wrote about ENO Tree Planting Day in her personal blog with a title: Long live the largest and longest living organisms on earth!

Please see this article here:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ENO Tree Planting Day Videos 2008

We have received some video material from schools and put here, enjoy.
Schools are welcome to send their videos or links to

3rd High School of Polichni , Thessaloniki, Greece (GR02)

Antioquia, Colombia (2:59)

Braga, Portugal (0:34)

Secundaria Tecnica No 12 Hermosillo Sonora Mexico (0:21)

Utra School, Joensuu, Finland (0:36)

Institucion educativa Jose Olaya Balandra la Perla Callao, Lima, PERU

ZŠ Dostojevskeho Poprad, Slovakia

Computer Science High School "T. Popoviciu" Cluj Napoca, Romania

Colegio Cristobal Colon,Bogota, Colombia

Colegio Muñoz, Hermosillo, Sonora, México

Izmır Ozel Camlaraltı Kolejı TR15, Turkey


Student Speech at SEC OFIC NO 0109 JOSEFA ORTIZ DE DOMINGUEZ, Mexico

"Mihail Kogalniceanu" National College, Ro25, Galati, Romania

61st primary school of Thessaloniki, Greece

DE Kossuth Lajos Gyakorlo Altalanos Iskolaja, Debrecen, Hungary

School "Vasile Alecsandri", Braila, Romania

"Instituto bella vista" from Cd. Obregon, Sonora, Mexico

Rosary Sisters' School-Marj El Hammam, Amman, Jordan

New photos and your comments

So far we have uploaded photos from 80 schools to our album, one photo from each school. Each school who send their photos to will be included in this album. Most likely there will be 3 albums as maximum number of photos per album is 500.

You are welcome to see photos and send your comments on the page.

Find the album here:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tonga Islands Started ENO Tree Planting Day 2008!



The Tree Planting Day in Tonga was a successful one. According to the informations I got so far from Yesterday, from schools that I did not get the chance to visit, we manage to plant 33,000 trees more or less (that is 3,000 mangrove trees and 30,000 Traditional Plant (fragrance and Medicinal). We only planned to grow 10,000 trees. Unfortunately, the teachers said, according to reports on phones, the students hate to grow only one tree each. Most students plant more than 2 trees each, so that we get our latest number.

The First tree for the day was planted at 12:00 GMT. Hopefully, that is the first tree to be planted on the ENO Tree Planting.

Sorry for the lateness of the report, but our internet was down since the week end, and we were just manage to get it up this morning.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Today in Malaysia

Greetings to every one and happy tree planting. We just finished planting 10 200 mangroves for the global day and would send more details 2moro.

ENO Teloi Kanan Secondary School MY01

Today in New Zealand

Today we have planted 200 native trees at a council reserve close to our school.
We had 40 children from 2 classrooms with 15 parents helping. My class sent out invitations to the local community and we had a great response. We had our local Mayor, our Member for Parliament, several government hopefuls (it is election year), local council representatives, Forest & Bird people and others interested in what we are doing. We had coverage on our local radio, and had two newspapers come down and take photos and write articles. The children were responsible for spreading the message and have done a great job.

Gaylene Burborough
Riverlands School
New Zealand

Today in Taiwan

Friends around the world,

We are so happy to take part in the tree-planting activity with all of you. Although we did not plant tree in a big scale, we prepare time capsules to be buried with the two trees called Cinnamomum osmophloeum Kanehira. Our principal made a short speech. Student
representative addressed speech in English and read their time capsule. We sing ENO tree planting song too. Here is part of the content of the time capsule:

To Whom It May Concern:

I wish that our earth will be more beautiful, and people will care about the earth even more. I also wish that animals and people will be happier. Ten years later, I hope I can see this tree grows up, and the earth will be better than now. By 109 Chia-heng Lee

I wish that our earth will be better in the future, so we plant some trees in our school. The trees will grow taller and taller, and they will help that carbon dioxide change into oxygen to slacken the speed of global warming. We will take care of the trees forever to show our love for the earth.
Ten years later, we will go back to the trees and open the time capsule we bury today. The world may be different, but our heart for the world will never change. We will continue planting trees in the future. The capsule is filled with our expectation for our environment. We look forward to fresher air and a better environment. By 103 Ching-tsui Huang
We hope that 10 year later students can come back and see how tall the trees grow and dig out their time capsule to see if their wish is realized.

Best wishes for all the tree-planting activity!

Faye (Yu-fen) Wu 吳郁芬
Division Head of Registration
National Fenghsin Senior High School

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Welcoming Words From Finland and Botswana

It is ENO Tree Planting Day 2008!

Government of Finland salutes all tree planters below:

Minister for Foreign Trade And Development, Mr Paavo Väyrynen ( 2,5 minutes). Mr Väyrynen is currently in New York as the United Nations have its general assembly on Tuesday.

Minister of the Environment, Mrs Paula Lehtomäki

Same in Finnish, suomeksi


ENO Africa Ambassador Maiken Hamaluba, Botswana

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Preparations in Oman

Eco Group at Osam Bin Zaid School, Adam in Oman has made preparations for ENO Tree Planting Day. They are planning to celebrate this event with us and friends around the world. Their plan is as follows:

1. Each participant should register with the organizers.
2. The participant plants at least one tree at home, school or any suitable place. More trees will be recommended.
3. After planting the trees, the participant informs the organizers about the number of trees he or she has planted and brings a picture (if possible) by 22/9/2008.
4. The participants can take part in the school`s celebration of this day on 22nd September, 2008.
5. Some gifts will be distributed to the participants.
6. ECO-Group will write a report about the event to ENO TREE PLANTING CAMPAIGN and post it in iEARN forums.
7. More details and pics about our event will be posted in

The attached pictures showing some students reading the announcement and giving more details about ENO Day to the teachers & students in our school. Their English teacher Salim Al-Busaidi has also translated the speech into Arabic. They have posted about this event in their blog:

The structure of ENO Tree Planting Day with a speech

12:00 (noon)

1. Gather around the seedling/s
2. A student makes his/her speech
3.Children/youth plant tree/s together with an old person (while one takes photos) While planting the others are welcome to sing our tree planting song “Hi and Ho We Plant Trees!”
4. Students measure the height of tree (in millimetres)
5. Optionally another speech by local decision-makers.
6. Other optional program like the play The Drops Of Life or music/dance.
7. Gather for a group photo, where students and audience are around the tree plant so that we can see everything


8. IMPORTANT :After the event, enter the information including a digital photo to ENO TREE DATABASE with your comments!

After event, share your comments in the Guestbook:


We only have one planet. If each of us took good care for their environment we would have less problems.

Now it is a time for action. We do this special deed together with our peers around the world. We plant trees today with our friends in the North, South, East and West. The first trees were planted today on Tonga islands, Oceania. Then, following the Sun, trees are planted in Asia, Europe and Africa. The last trees will be put to Earth in the North and South America and very last of them on Hawaii and Samoa islands. Planet Earth has rotated on its axis and new tree babies have started to grow.

We are a one big family today. Teachers and students at about 1 500 schools in 120 countries are planting trees with us. Can you imagine, about 300 000 trees will be planted around the day? If schools can plant this number of trees a day how is with the others? We are showing our example to our community and country and hope to get this message through. Our planet has no passengers, we all are the crew.

Our tree reminds us of nature and the importance of the environment. It is also a symbol of peace and caring. There is an English proverb that says "He who plants a tree loves others beside himself." Let’s grow together with our trees for a better world!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Global coverage of ENO Tree Planting Day

The green areas cover all the visitors in this blog. You cannot find many white spots, only in Africa and some more... well Greenland is still white... :-)
Click the map to get closer, mostly it is light green.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some preparations in Chile

In 22 September 2008 on INTERNATIONAL TREE DAY A group of students of each school of Arica –Chile will plant a tree. Each group of students will have the mission of taking care the tree . It is one tree for each one of the following schools : Liceo Artístico, Liceo Jovina Naranjo, Liceo Politécnico, Liceo Pablo Neruda, Escuela D-4. Each tree was donated by CONAF (Forest National Corporation). We live in the Chile North. - In the border with Peru and Bolivia. It is a place with Desert, Valleys and Sea .

Gladys Hernández, Patricio Tudela , Ana Soto, Elizabeth Maldonado, María Ester Colque, Raúl Jimenez, Lucy Fernández , Life-Link Arica, Chile

Saturday, September 13, 2008

10 000 students celebrate our day in Karachi, Pakistan

10000 students from different schools in Karachi, Pakistan will join ENO Tree Planting Day 2008. According to ENO coordinator in Pakistan, Mr Nadeem Ghazi they are trying to motivate school management to take part more actively to give student a guide for environmental sustainability and its awareness. Karachi is the most populated city of Pakistan and the twentieth largest city of the world. Nearby 16 million people live there. It is a big challenge to promote ENO in big numbers. Nadeem is though positive that soon they will be able to involve good number of schools and students.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Children's hymn by School 205, Romania

Children’s Hymn

Composed by students of School 205, Bucharest

We are all children, black or white
What’s best we can reunite.
We want to laugh, we want to play
In a better world today.

Mind your actions, mind your reactions,
We are all flowers on the Earth.
So let us flourish all of us
In peace and joy on the Earth.

Peace and joy and Sun and laughter
No more tears, no more disasters
Happiness for everyone
It’s so easy to be done.

The first two stanzas of the English version can be sung on the melody of the “Ode to Joy”, while the third stanza can be recited.

The French version which was introduced in a magazine that was issued on the occasion of the International Summer University of Francophony, held in 2006 in Romania. The song was part of an article entitled ,, Aux Gamins la Parole!”which can be viewed on the following link: (La Gazette de Brasov no 6).

,, L’Hymne des enfants”

Nous sommes tous enfants, blancs ou noirs
Nous pouvons reunir le meilleur.
Nous voulons rire, nous voulons jouer
Dans un meilleur monde aujourd’hui.

Gardez vos actes, gardez vos reactions
Nous sommes tous fleurs sur la terre.
Donc, laissez-nous fleurir tous
En paix et joie sur la Terre.

Paix et joie, soleil et rire
Pas de larmes, pas de desastres.
Bonheur pour chacun
C’est facile a faire.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A new database for ENO Tree Planting Day/Campaign

We are in a critical phase while finishing a brand new tree database system with a map, created by Department of Computer Science and Statistics at the University of Joensuu. It will be ready by tree planting day, 22nd of September. If you have registered to our event you don't need to send information about your trees BEFORE the event. From 22nd of September you can "put your trees" and information to our new system. Most of you have registered with the old system. We try to convert your logins and passwords from the old system, let's see if it will work out. IF NOT, you just go to our new system and register there as a new user. We are sorry for the inconvenience but hope that you understand!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Teacher's Day Celebration & ENO Tree Planting

Teachers’ day Celebrated with ENO-Tree plantation in India
5th Sep-2008

Our school teachers involved in ENO- Tree plantation on the occasion of Teachers day on 5th Sep-2008. India celebrates the birthday of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, former President and Vice-President and great statesman, as "Teachers' Day".
Born on September 5, 1888, at Tiruttani, 40 miles to the north-east of Madras, Radhakrishnan grew to become the most famous Indian teacher and philosopher of all times. In his honour, this day is celebrated as Teacher's Day. He was also the Vice-President of India from 1952-1962. He held the office of the Chancellor, University of Delhi, before taking over as the President of India in May 1962.

with best wishes

Mr. David and ENO-Treeplantation team in India

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Fly a giant peace dove on ENO Tree Planting Day

We got an interesting suggestion for an additional activity for ENO Tree Planting Day 2008 from one of our partners, Jane Goodall Institute / Roots & Shoots program. They are also planting trees. In addition they will "fly Giant Peace Doves" on the peace day. They only take 2 or 3 hours to build, they are made from recycled materials, and its a fun creative community event.

If you have time and resources I encourage you to build these doves. If you need any practical information about how to make doves please take contact with Matthew Hoffman, his email is Find more information at

Friday, September 05, 2008

Inspired in Azerbaijan!

ENO Tree Planting Day has inspired a school from Azerbaijan.This picture comes from Ismayilli secondary school #1/"Green way" school ecology organization.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

An early start in Dhaka, Bangladesh

we have planted trees in our campus. Plants we selected were from the required list of plants for the course of Botany for the students of grades 11 and 12. Participating students were excited and enthusiastic. I think this is also a moto of the programme that young people make themselves involved with tree plantation for tangible purposes.

The event was on 1st september, 2008 with a team of 4 teachers including me and 16 science students of class 11.

Agrani School and College [BD01]
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

ENO news from Chennai, India

Today our school held a " Plant for the Planet" day, We purchased 380 plants and 12 trees, to be planted by our student body. It was an exciting morning, and the children and parents, had a blast planting the plants and trees. We put together a little booklet for the children with the event today and it was made out of 100% recyclable items from our school. No trees lost!!!

As we are not able to participate on Sept 22, today was our Sept 22nd. We are so excited to be part of the ENO campaign and look forward to working with everyone in the years to come.

Next week, we are planting more trees, 357 to be exact, the forest dept , has donated the trees for us to plant. We are planting them around our city with the help of the Chennai Govt Offices.

We also plan to plant 1000 trees in total by the end of 2008.

Wish us luck!

I will post pictures from our event today by next week!

Happy planting!

Gateway-The Complete School
Chennai- India

Preparations in Sri Lanka for ENO Tree Planting Day 2008

Dambadeniya Arunalu of Srilanka started the Activity in a great manner as they around 300 youth of our 28 schools started the planting at the end of their 2 day youth camp where the theme was'Water for Life'. They will continue planting campaign through out the September until 22nd where they have organized a planting campgain.
(Sunil Rodrigo, Dambadeniya Srilanka)

Children's Book Circle:

In every August we celebrate historic "Silk Road". We travel from Colombo city to another ancient city and attend cultural activities. This year we wanted to make a difference. We needed to highlight ENO tree planting day. Sri Lanka has a strong Buddhist culture. According to the Buddhist culture they highly respect trees. At present everywhere in Sri Lanka people worship to Bo trees. There were 28 Buddhas who got their Englightment (Buddhaship) under the various trees. That means people respect these trees.

Then I met Hon. Patali Champika Ranawaka - Minister of Environment and explain our ENO tree plan
ting day on 22nd September. We wanted to explain our students value of tree planting. Planting the "ATAVISI BODHI RUKSHA" the trees used by past Buddhas is most successful way to launch this valuable project. After Hon. Minister promised me to provide these vary valuable and rare set of "ATAVISI BODI RUKSHA" plants.

Last 30th August early morning we left from Colombo with these tree plants to Mahiyangana - a historic ancient city. Over 500 children,teachers and parents travelled by a vehicle prossession. We had our lunch at historic city of Kandy. We opened a chidren's library at Hunnasgiriya M
ountain town. In the evening we reached to Mahiyanganaya.

Students attended cultural activities and it was a g
reat joyful movement to all participants. Next morning they start to plant trees. As this is a very special moment all media covered this event. ITN national television service made a special with us about this programe. At the TV interview I stated, " At present tree planting is a need to protect human lives. Buddha has stated the value of tree planting. Not only that . Over 28 Buddhas stated the value of tree planting. Now Sri Lankan can give this valuable message to the world. Therefore we plant 28 bo trees today to commence World Tree planting day on 22 September, 2008.". Dr Ambalampitiya

ATAVISI BODI RUKSHA' spceial religious tree planting project launched in
Mahiyangana, Sri Lanka to establish The World Tree Planting Day on 22nd, September

Dr Ambalampitiya has planned to plant 31000 jak trees with Prisoners and many other trees by students around the country On 22nd September to celebrate ENO Tree planting programme.

Friday, August 22, 2008

ENO Tree Planting Song on video for practising!

Learn how to sing and move in the ENO Tree Planting Song! ENO Students Ina-Maria and Jani from Joensuu perform "Hi And Ho, We Plant Trees" in this video.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A new musical contribution from sLOVEnia!

Slovenia has been one of the most active countries in the ENO Tree Planting Day. They have made a great musical contribution for ENO and our tree planting day.

The winner of most important song contest (Slovenska popevka) in 2007 was a song called Nature Forces (Naravne sile). The song is a very simple “mantra” like composition. Slovene people and the jury chose as the best Slovene song because of its message

All the authors and the RTV Slovenia give the permission to ENO and all the ENO schools to use the composition as their song during the tree planting day, 22nd of September and during other - but exclusively ENO - activities.

ENO Teacher Darinka Orel from OS Polhov Gradec translated the lyrics, added some more messages and a new recording was made in English. In addition a playback version was added so that children can sing it with the real instrumental arrangement! Thank you sLOVEnia!

Enter to the song page here!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A new ENO video from Greece

This video is by ENO Teacher Konstantinos Ntinou from Kilkis, Greece.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Plant a tree and read a poem, an example from Bremen, Germany

Wilhelm-Kaisen Schule from Germany planted a pear tree as a part of ENO Tree Planting Campaign. Their teacher Petra Niehardt says:

"It is a pear tree called Helene, which is a popular pear in Germany and also the name of Wilhelm Kaisen's wife. As the first mayor of Bremen after WWII he did a lot to have our city rebuilt and to get the Bremen economy going. Our school was named after him."

They read a German poem about a pear tree by Theodor Fontane. Find it translated into English below (by Janko von Ribbeck).

Squire von Ribbeck at Ribbeck in Havelland

(Janko von Ribbeck)

Squire von Ribbeck at Ribbeck in Havelland,
In his garden there stood a pear tree grand,
And when autumn came round, the golden tide,
And pears were glowing far and wide,
Squire von Ribbeck, when noon rang out, would first
Fill both his pockets full to burst.
And then, when a boy in his clogs came there,
He called: ”My lad, do you want a pear?”
He would hail a girl that chanced to pass:
“Come over, I have a pear, little lass!”

Many years thus went, till the noble and high
Squire von Ribbeck at Ribbeck came to die.
He felt his end. It was autumntide.
Again pears were smiling far and wide.
“I depart now this life” von Ribbeck said.
I wish that a pear in my grave be laid”.
And after three days, from this mansard roofed hall,
Squire von Ribbeck was carried out, `neath a pall.
All farmers and cottagers, solemm-faced,
Sang: ”Jesus, in Thee my trust is placed”,
And the children lamented, with hearts like lead:
“Who`ll give us a pear, now that he is dead.?”
So the children lamented. It was unkind,

As they did not know old Ribbeck´s mind.
True, the new one is skimping niggardly,
Keeps park and pears tree `neath lock and key;
But having forebodings, the older one,
And full of distrust for his proper son,
Knew well what he did, when the order he gave,
That a pear should be laid in his grave.

From the silent dwelling, after three years,
The tip of a pear tree seedling appears.
And year after year, the seasons go round,
Long since a pear tree is shading the mound.

And in the golden autumntide
Again it is glowing far and wide.
When a boy is crossing the churchyard there,
The tree is whispering: Want a pear?”
And when a girl chances to pass,
It whispers: “Come here for a pear, little lass.”

Thus blessings still dispensses the hand
Of von Ribbeck at Ribbeck in Havelland.

Monday, June 23, 2008

ENO Tree Planting Song's breakthrough in TUNZA Conference!

Pataluoto School students performed "Hi And Ho We Plant Trees!" together with other kids in UNEP's TUNZA Conference, in Stavanger. Norway. This video comes from the closing ceremonies, our song was to end the conference. People went crazy, came at stage and sang.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tree Planting Campaign in Dominican Republic

TODAY mundial day of environment, a group of students from 3rd grade in secundary school "San Jose Obrero" from Dominican Republic, made a plan to plant 100 cedars in special place given by the environment departament, to be in continue supervision. Students (16 to 18 years old) using there own holidays time.

Miguel Jose Coradin teacher supervisor
San Jose Obrero School Dominican Republic 809 751 5884

ENO 100 Billion Trees by 2017 started today!

ENO Tree Planting Day is a part of ENO Tree Planting Campaign. Today it is 5th of June, The World Environment Day 2008. To celebrate it we launched a tree planting campaign that will last a decade. Our target is 100 Million Trees by 2017 and we ask the others to make it 100 Billion Trees By 2017.

The official launch was today at SMK Teloi Kanan, ENO school in Kuala Ketil, Malaysia. They planted some pine trees today but aim to plant one million trees by the end of 2008!

80 students,10 teachers and 8 parents joined their tree planting event. They planted 9 trees and each for one year indication - 5 June 2008 to 5 June 2009.

There were 4 ENO Schools involved:
1. SMK Teloi Kanan
2. SMK Baling
3. SMK Batu Kawan
4. SK Teluk Teduri

So 9 trees till June 2017. Schools will monitor the tree planting events and record the trees planted in a year beside the tree.


Schools have sent some video clipses to the tv station to by aired at 7.00 pm Malaysian time. There are doing coverage Nation Wide on WED.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ENO Tree Planting Day will start SciFest 2009 Finland!

ENO Tree Planting Day 2008 is an official opening for SciFest 2009 Finland, to be arranged in the city of Joensuu, Finland. The dates for actual conference will be 15- 18 April 2009.

Tree Planting Day and star observations are both activities that will be present in SciFest 2009 Finland. Other environmental themes are climate change and ecological footprint, themes to be studied in the ENO Programme before the conference.

SciFest is a festival of technology, science and environment, aimed at middle and high school students but also for teachers. It features hands-on activities, popular lectures, games, workshops, robotics competitions and interactive exhibitions. This year, about 7,000 visitors from 50 countries participated in SciFest Finland.

Welcome to Joensuu on April 2009!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Our night activity and more information

This year we have added a night activity in ENO Tree Planting Day.
The idea is to make same star observations at night, submit the information to Internet and see the results of observations. Please find the information and instructions for this activity in Language Packs here.




A new invitation and instructions available!

Please find an invitation and all the instructions for ENO Tree Planting Day 2008 here.
Other language packs will follow.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sign ENO's petition for 100 Billion Trees By 2017

Schools can play a pivotal role in promoting environmental issues in their local communities. They can emphasize the importance of environmental protection and increase its awareness in the local communities. Children and youth are the ambassadors for the environment.

We have currently only some hundreds of schools regularly involved in ENO. But our challenging goal is to plant 100 million trees by 2017 when Finland will celebrate its 100th anniversary. As our group is a tiny number of people who can make a difference, we kindly ask UNEP and all the tree planters in the world to follow our example and join our common effort to plant 100 billion trees by the end of 2017. There will be a dedicated website for this by July 2007.

Sign our petition here:

ENO Tree Planting Day animation and singing

This is an animation where Pataluoto School children sing our tree planting song on the background. Click the map in order to see the animation and hear the music!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tree Planting in Iran

Dear Friends,

On March 6, our students brought seeds ,flowers and trees to school in the morning .After talking about the benefits of planting trees the students eagerly started planting.About 560 plants were planted ,some of them at school and some around the school. They loved it a lot and transfered it to their family and other friends. They also learned that planting a new tree or flower or seed means making a new life and it help to keep the environment eternity as well, and promised not to ruin any of the living things specially the plants.

Shahid Mahdavi Educational Complex

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008

ENO 2008 Tree Planting Campaign



Schools can play a pivotal role in promoting environmental issues in their local communities. They can emphasize the importance of environmental protection and increase its awareness in the local communities. Children and youth are the ambassadors for the environment.

ENO Programme will plant a total of one million trees in 2008, focused on developing countries, especially those that suffer from desertification. Schools, children or youth groups are invited to join this campaign. Trees can be planted during the year and information after planting is asked to be submitted to the ENO Tree Database. In addition there will be two global ENO tree planting days in June and in September. You can see a list of some tree planting events here. Join these events, make your own event or inform us about tree planting event in your country! This campaign is a part of "Billion Tree Campaign" by UNEP.

To encourage participants and communities we have made a children's play about tree planting and co-operation called "The Drops Of Life". A global premiere took place 29th of May 2007, simultaneously in 65 countries around the world. With the play we also celebrate World Environment Day 2007. It will be performed again in the end of May 2008. And of course, we plant trees!

We want trees to be planted in every country in our planet. This campaign will not only be for environmental protection but for international collaboration and peace. We are also looking for individuals, companies and institutions who would sponsor this unique effort.

Make your pledge and join the global campaign!

Join this special activity at schools, clubs or as an individual. Make your pledge! After we have received the information about your event you will be rewarded with a certificate. Find more info on the campaign web pages: