Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Preparations in Sri Lanka for ENO Tree Planting Day 2008

Dambadeniya Arunalu of Srilanka started the Activity in a great manner as they around 300 youth of our 28 schools started the planting at the end of their 2 day youth camp where the theme was'Water for Life'. They will continue planting campaign through out the September until 22nd where they have organized a planting campgain.
(Sunil Rodrigo, Dambadeniya Srilanka)

Children's Book Circle:

In every August we celebrate historic "Silk Road". We travel from Colombo city to another ancient city and attend cultural activities. This year we wanted to make a difference. We needed to highlight ENO tree planting day. Sri Lanka has a strong Buddhist culture. According to the Buddhist culture they highly respect trees. At present everywhere in Sri Lanka people worship to Bo trees. There were 28 Buddhas who got their Englightment (Buddhaship) under the various trees. That means people respect these trees.

Then I met Hon. Patali Champika Ranawaka - Minister of Environment and explain our ENO tree plan
ting day on 22nd September. We wanted to explain our students value of tree planting. Planting the "ATAVISI BODHI RUKSHA" the trees used by past Buddhas is most successful way to launch this valuable project. After Hon. Minister promised me to provide these vary valuable and rare set of "ATAVISI BODI RUKSHA" plants.

Last 30th August early morning we left from Colombo with these tree plants to Mahiyangana - a historic ancient city. Over 500 children,teachers and parents travelled by a vehicle prossession. We had our lunch at historic city of Kandy. We opened a chidren's library at Hunnasgiriya M
ountain town. In the evening we reached to Mahiyanganaya.

Students attended cultural activities and it was a g
reat joyful movement to all participants. Next morning they start to plant trees. As this is a very special moment all media covered this event. ITN national television service made a special with us about this programe. At the TV interview I stated, " At present tree planting is a need to protect human lives. Buddha has stated the value of tree planting. Not only that . Over 28 Buddhas stated the value of tree planting. Now Sri Lankan can give this valuable message to the world. Therefore we plant 28 bo trees today to commence World Tree planting day on 22 September, 2008.". Dr Ambalampitiya

ATAVISI BODI RUKSHA' spceial religious tree planting project launched in
Mahiyangana, Sri Lanka to establish The World Tree Planting Day on 22nd, September

Dr Ambalampitiya has planned to plant 31000 jak trees with Prisoners and many other trees by students around the country On 22nd September to celebrate ENO Tree planting programme.