Thursday, September 18, 2008

Preparations in Oman

Eco Group at Osam Bin Zaid School, Adam in Oman has made preparations for ENO Tree Planting Day. They are planning to celebrate this event with us and friends around the world. Their plan is as follows:

1. Each participant should register with the organizers.
2. The participant plants at least one tree at home, school or any suitable place. More trees will be recommended.
3. After planting the trees, the participant informs the organizers about the number of trees he or she has planted and brings a picture (if possible) by 22/9/2008.
4. The participants can take part in the school`s celebration of this day on 22nd September, 2008.
5. Some gifts will be distributed to the participants.
6. ECO-Group will write a report about the event to ENO TREE PLANTING CAMPAIGN and post it in iEARN forums.
7. More details and pics about our event will be posted in

The attached pictures showing some students reading the announcement and giving more details about ENO Day to the teachers & students in our school. Their English teacher Salim Al-Busaidi has also translated the speech into Arabic. They have posted about this event in their blog: