Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some preparations in Chile

In 22 September 2008 on INTERNATIONAL TREE DAY A group of students of each school of Arica –Chile will plant a tree. Each group of students will have the mission of taking care the tree . It is one tree for each one of the following schools : Liceo Artístico, Liceo Jovina Naranjo, Liceo Politécnico, Liceo Pablo Neruda, Escuela D-4. Each tree was donated by CONAF (Forest National Corporation). We live in the Chile North. - In the border with Peru and Bolivia. It is a place with Desert, Valleys and Sea .

Gladys Hernández, Patricio Tudela , Ana Soto, Elizabeth Maldonado, María Ester Colque, Raúl Jimenez, Lucy Fernández , Life-Link Arica, Chile