Monday, September 22, 2008

Today in Taiwan

Friends around the world,

We are so happy to take part in the tree-planting activity with all of you. Although we did not plant tree in a big scale, we prepare time capsules to be buried with the two trees called Cinnamomum osmophloeum Kanehira. Our principal made a short speech. Student
representative addressed speech in English and read their time capsule. We sing ENO tree planting song too. Here is part of the content of the time capsule:

To Whom It May Concern:

I wish that our earth will be more beautiful, and people will care about the earth even more. I also wish that animals and people will be happier. Ten years later, I hope I can see this tree grows up, and the earth will be better than now. By 109 Chia-heng Lee

I wish that our earth will be better in the future, so we plant some trees in our school. The trees will grow taller and taller, and they will help that carbon dioxide change into oxygen to slacken the speed of global warming. We will take care of the trees forever to show our love for the earth.
Ten years later, we will go back to the trees and open the time capsule we bury today. The world may be different, but our heart for the world will never change. We will continue planting trees in the future. The capsule is filled with our expectation for our environment. We look forward to fresher air and a better environment. By 103 Ching-tsui Huang
We hope that 10 year later students can come back and see how tall the trees grow and dig out their time capsule to see if their wish is realized.

Best wishes for all the tree-planting activity!

Faye (Yu-fen) Wu 吳郁芬
Division Head of Registration
National Fenghsin Senior High School