Thursday, September 18, 2008

The structure of ENO Tree Planting Day with a speech

12:00 (noon)

1. Gather around the seedling/s
2. A student makes his/her speech
3.Children/youth plant tree/s together with an old person (while one takes photos) While planting the others are welcome to sing our tree planting song “Hi and Ho We Plant Trees!”
4. Students measure the height of tree (in millimetres)
5. Optionally another speech by local decision-makers.
6. Other optional program like the play The Drops Of Life or music/dance.
7. Gather for a group photo, where students and audience are around the tree plant so that we can see everything


8. IMPORTANT :After the event, enter the information including a digital photo to ENO TREE DATABASE with your comments!

After event, share your comments in the Guestbook:


We only have one planet. If each of us took good care for their environment we would have less problems.

Now it is a time for action. We do this special deed together with our peers around the world. We plant trees today with our friends in the North, South, East and West. The first trees were planted today on Tonga islands, Oceania. Then, following the Sun, trees are planted in Asia, Europe and Africa. The last trees will be put to Earth in the North and South America and very last of them on Hawaii and Samoa islands. Planet Earth has rotated on its axis and new tree babies have started to grow.

We are a one big family today. Teachers and students at about 1 500 schools in 120 countries are planting trees with us. Can you imagine, about 300 000 trees will be planted around the day? If schools can plant this number of trees a day how is with the others? We are showing our example to our community and country and hope to get this message through. Our planet has no passengers, we all are the crew.

Our tree reminds us of nature and the importance of the environment. It is also a symbol of peace and caring. There is an English proverb that says "He who plants a tree loves others beside himself." Let’s grow together with our trees for a better world!