Friday, September 12, 2008

Children's hymn by School 205, Romania

Children’s Hymn

Composed by students of School 205, Bucharest

We are all children, black or white
What’s best we can reunite.
We want to laugh, we want to play
In a better world today.

Mind your actions, mind your reactions,
We are all flowers on the Earth.
So let us flourish all of us
In peace and joy on the Earth.

Peace and joy and Sun and laughter
No more tears, no more disasters
Happiness for everyone
It’s so easy to be done.

The first two stanzas of the English version can be sung on the melody of the “Ode to Joy”, while the third stanza can be recited.

The French version which was introduced in a magazine that was issued on the occasion of the International Summer University of Francophony, held in 2006 in Romania. The song was part of an article entitled ,, Aux Gamins la Parole!”which can be viewed on the following link: (La Gazette de Brasov no 6).

,, L’Hymne des enfants”

Nous sommes tous enfants, blancs ou noirs
Nous pouvons reunir le meilleur.
Nous voulons rire, nous voulons jouer
Dans un meilleur monde aujourd’hui.

Gardez vos actes, gardez vos reactions
Nous sommes tous fleurs sur la terre.
Donc, laissez-nous fleurir tous
En paix et joie sur la Terre.

Paix et joie, soleil et rire
Pas de larmes, pas de desastres.
Bonheur pour chacun
C’est facile a faire.