Thursday, August 21, 2008

A new musical contribution from sLOVEnia!

Slovenia has been one of the most active countries in the ENO Tree Planting Day. They have made a great musical contribution for ENO and our tree planting day.

The winner of most important song contest (Slovenska popevka) in 2007 was a song called Nature Forces (Naravne sile). The song is a very simple “mantra” like composition. Slovene people and the jury chose as the best Slovene song because of its message

All the authors and the RTV Slovenia give the permission to ENO and all the ENO schools to use the composition as their song during the tree planting day, 22nd of September and during other - but exclusively ENO - activities.

ENO Teacher Darinka Orel from OS Polhov Gradec translated the lyrics, added some more messages and a new recording was made in English. In addition a playback version was added so that children can sing it with the real instrumental arrangement! Thank you sLOVEnia!

Enter to the song page here!