Monday, September 25, 2006

Tree Planting Day in the Philippines

Two schools from the Philippines registered to tree planting day. East High School-Hinaplanon from Iligan City planted 35 trees ( Citrus carpa Bunge).

Joined the world's Environment On-Line Tree Planting Event

The YES-O (Youth for Environment in School Organization) of Iligan City East High School Hinaplanon, Philippines joined the world?s Environment On-Line simultaneous tree planting activity on September 21, 2006 at exactly 12:00. With the initiative of the YES-O Advisers and the support of the Administrator, Mrs. Juliana O. Baroro , the Yes-O officers and members planted lemonsito,_(Citrus carpa Bunge),_an endemic flowering plant of the country which is widely used as food flavoring, seasoning and preservative and a rich source of vitamin C.

The advisers and the officers of the YES-O are very fortunate to respond to the invitation since tree planting activity is one of the thrusts of the club."