Monday, September 25, 2006

Tree Planting Day in Romania

13 schools from Romania joined the day. cl.I-VIII Nr.3 "Mihail Sadoveanu" from Falticeni planted 3 Tuya orientalis

"It was a very nice day, all the students were very glad to bring their message of peace by planting these trees. Before, we made some publicity in our town and in our school. One adult began to dig the whole Raluca Melinte is the girl who told us about ENO project and about the importance of this first common activity dedicated to environment and peace. Petrica Prisacaru was the student who planted our peace symbols and we added as an ornament a tricolour ribbon, like our national flag (red, yellow, blue). We all were thinking at our friends from all the countries where there are still fights and conflicts and we prayed for them. We hope to live in a better world, a world of peace for everybody. "
Elena Pascovici- ENO Teacher