Friday, September 29, 2006

1020 trees planted at school in Lithuania

On 21st of September, celebrating the International Day of Peace, our school Silale Simonas Gaudesius Gymnasium participated in ENO tree planting day.

We planted about 1020 pines. Junior pupils from the primary classes also participated in ENO tree planting day and they planted 20 pines in the area of our gymnasium. While they were planting near the school building, the 10th graders students were replanting the burnt forest. It took about 2 hours to plant 1000 trees. When we came back to school everyone said that they were happy that they had participated.

We also asked 3rd and 4th grade pupils what they think of forests: There are some of the ideas e.g.:

"Forest for me is: Friend; Sporting place; The most beautiful place in the world; Land of mushrooms;"

"We must save of forest, because: Forests are decreasing, but population is growing; Trees can protect us; Our motherland would be destroyed; "

"Life without trees would be: Ugly; Sad; Filthy; Dull; "

"Who is not fond of trees: He/she at the same time doesn't love humans; Is not sincere; Is against trees;"