Friday, September 08, 2006

Club 1000

Would you be proud to be a part of this club?
These schools/groups will plant 1 000 trees to celebrate ENO Tree Planting Day 2006 :

Lithuania: Silale Simonas Gaudesius Gymnasium, Silale:
"This Summer was really hot and dry here in Lithuania. Many forest had burned, so now we must replant them. . All 10th Grade schoolchildren will take part, more than 150 students will plant 1000 trees. It would be great to come there after ten years and to say: "I had planted this forest..."

Tanzania: Star Schools, Iringa
Kenya: Rawinji and Nyanduma Primary, Oyugis
Sri Lanka: Arunalu, Colombo

You are mostly welcome to join this club with your 1000 seedlings.... well the most important is that you join this event, even with one seedling!