Monday, September 25, 2006

Tree Planting Day in the Dominican Republic

Notre Dame school in Santo Domingo planted Cordia Sebestana, Acacia Mangium and Sweietenia Mahagoni. The number of planted trees was 75.

"We started planting trees in Santo Domingo at 4:00 p.m., the representative of the City Council Marianna Szabo cooperated with 25 little plants of Cordia Sebestana that were planted on the school play ground. We also planted 50 trees of Mahogany and Acacias. Five members of the Neighbor?s Committee including the president helped us planting the trees and asking permission to the neighbors for planting trees on their home?s front or garden. The City Council noted that this side of the street was without tree shade and encouraged and supported our activities.
The children sang the song ?Paz en la tormenta?(Peace in the storm) and read about the origins of the International Day of Peace in the UN and some famous people?s quotes.
We ended the day with the happy thought of a green planet cover with new trees and the dream of a new world in peace and harmony."