Monday, September 25, 2006

Tree Planting Day in Ukraine

3 schools in Ukraine took part. Lyceum 62 from Zaporizhzhya planted 6 trees ( Alnus cordata, Tilia cordata, Weigela florida, Turdus pilaris)

Comments: " The schoolchildren are planting trees and bushes into the ground. The operator from the local television "Alex" was present. The girls of the 11th class prepared the song about Zaporizhzhya especially for this ecological event. Elder children showed to junior pupils, as it is necessary to correctly planting trees.

Domingush, the pupil of the 10th class: "I like the participation in this event. It's quite clean what we do and why."

Kechakhmadze, the pupil of the 10th class: "I'm always ready to offer my help in such case. The trees are verdure and a great decoration for our school yard. Such plants protect our bodies and sones from harnful things."

Starovoytova, the pupil of the 10th class: "I have been interested in ecology for a long time. A took part in ecological competitions last year. I'm very glad that today I could take part in such event."