Monday, September 21, 2009

In the Philippines, 21 Sept 2009

Hi ! It's been a wonderful day for us in Iligan city East High School-Hinaplanon. It was not only an event for students 9there were 30 students in my class) but other school administrators/principals joined us. There were 3 division supervisors and 5 school administrators who participated the event. Picture on the attached photo were education supervisor (standing in printed blouse), school principal inlavender shirt and a visitor who has been our country's most outstanding science club adviser (2006 in white blouse).Congratulations to ALL!
School: Iligan City East High School-Hinaplanon
City: Iligan City
Country: Philippines
No. of Trees: 30
People: 9 guests (3 education supervisors, 2 school principals, 3 school administrators, 1 guest)
            52 students in my class