Saturday, October 17, 2009

From Izmir, Turkey

Our dear  friends.

We are TR02 Hilal Necmiye Primary School from İzmir, Turkey. We celebrated the event with a little delay this year because of our holiday season for the Ramadan Festival. We celebrated the day on October 9th with a great participation of local authorities, TV stations and reporters, our new children and babies, our teachers, environment foundations. We were about 50 people on a erosion field near Bornova, the place we lived, in İzmir.  It was really great. The same night we had our place in a TV program and the other day lots of newspapers again. We planted over 300 trees this year and total amount of the trees we planted recently in 5 years to the number of 13.000. We are very happy. And we also very happy to be a part of ENO family.