Sunday, May 24, 2009


Dear Mr. Mika & other friends related to ENO.


We, in India celebrated the World Forest Day with our students getting them to spend the whole day in the forest, making their own huts with their bed sheets and bamboos. In this way we wanted that they may come in direct contact of mother nature, and  while spending the whole day away from cell phones, TV and other household comforts of material life. They could listen the music of the birds and trees. They arranged for their meals themselves under the supervision of teachers. They also started the process of planting trees. Though the rainy season has not set in, in India so the plantation would go up to August, 2009. We shall plant two hundred fifty hard wood trees on Government barren lands near to our institution. The Distt. Forest Deptt. Roopnagar  would help us providing the plants. We hereby attached the photographs. The students belonging to snap no. 7192 – Amazon Group  stood first  for all forest activities such as searching for different kind of plants, species, woods, stones and making huts with minimum help from the forest. Group Nile , snap no. 7193 stood second & group Yangtze  snap no. 7190 stood third.


I hope you will find the activities very interesting. Your valuable advise is required.




Sukhjinder Singh
SASA India

Sahibzada Ajit Singh Academy

Residential School (Both for Boys & Girls)

Simran Nagar, Morinda Road,

Roopnagar – 140001