Saturday, May 23, 2009


The day was so excited and fun. We did it!! We planted out 10 trees at noon today 22nd May. Here are the details:

We gathered at school ( Al-Dasma Inter. School for Girls ), three teachers; a science teacher ( Mrs. Rawda Alazemy ), the Local Coordinator of UNESCO ( Mrs. Huda Dashti ) and me ( Miss Shirin AlKhass ), there were also five nine graders ( Mariam Rashed, Zainab Hayder, Fatima Al Najar, Rawan Alazemy and Laila Nabeel ) they are the group which started our urban garden along with the science teacher, by the way the garden is amazing with lots of nice vegetables.

We went together to buy the ten trees from the nurseries, we chose many kinds of trees like: figs, lemon, oranges, olives, strawberry, guava and tangerine. All of them are fruitful trees and they also suit our weather.

After buying the plants, and we went to our destination, Al Furat Kindergarten, the reason of choosing this place is to make young children take part in planting trees to feel the importance of trees to the environment and to let young children in the coming years enjoy the shade and fruit of these trees. Before we started planting trees, we talked to the young children about the importance of trees, then at noon we started planting the trees, it was fun although it was so hot.

Wishing the world a better environment.

Warm regards,

Shirin AlKhass - Kuwait