Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tree Planting in Murang'a, Kenya

Three groups from Murang'a (Kenya) participated this event. These groups were:
  • Mowlem Springs Adult Education Youth Group
  • Muranga Teachers Training College
  • Murang'a T T C Kids Club
Warm greetings from Murang’a Kids Club,

It was a sunny afternoon of 30th of September 2006. All the children had gathered with their teachers, with an aim of improving the environment through tree planting.

They had carried containers, hoe and small polythene bags, which assisted them in digging and packing of soil.

We planted four indigenous trees and we would be sending their botanic names as soon as possible tongether with the second set of photographs, which are yet to be developed and scanned.

The children were chattering here and there, as they enjoyed doing their task. Most of them were competing in filling soil in containers and polythene bags while some boys were struggling to push soil in a wheelbarrow. All the polythene packets and containers were filled .We sowed about 2000 seeds.

Majority of the kids had an idea of the importance of tree planting. The activity seemed challenging but to them it was not, as most of them wanted to plant as many as possible in order to have many trees around. They were willing to take care of them.

This project would have a positive impact to the surrounding in a given time, if only the people will have an insight on the importance of tree planting. We children we urge our nation to come out and join hands to save our environment for the coming generation as the example is set by Professor Wangari Maathai.

We are 35 children and 12 teachers ,the children’s age range from 4 years to 14 years. All these are staff children.


The children are happy after sowing the seeds in the bags in the background, ready for planting in the next season .Extreme right is the club co ordinator Mr Omondi, next to the patron Madam Ann Ng’ang’a and the smallest member of the club Nyawira Karimi standing inside the wheelbarrow. All smiles, from the most beautiful Kenyan children.

The second group of the children greeting the world of enviromentists after a job well done with their teachers in the background.

Other participants from Kenya came from Nairobi and Oyugis. See their information and more photos in the ENO Tree Database.