Wednesday, October 18, 2006

South Africa: All schools from one village planting trees!

The schools in the village of Mpofana/Mooi River in KwaZulu Natal joined together in the plant trees as part of the ENO -Environment Online Tree Planting Event. This is the first time that these schools have participated in a joint project of this nature all for the betterment and improvement of our environment.

At least one tree per school was planted at 12:00 on the 21st September 2006. The trees were carefully selected to be indigenous and able to survive in our harsh climatic conditions.

Two of the schools had to place old tyres around the trees in order to protect them from the goats which frequently "visit" the school grounds. One school incorporated the removal of exotic invasive trees into the project. These invasive trees cause environmental degradation if not removed.

This unique opportunity to partake in a global event like this as a unifying exercise for the local environment is indicative on the "power" which the ENO programme has.

Treverton planted two Dias cotinifolio trees on the Treverton Wildlife Area for the Tree Planting Day. These are indigenous trees.

As a means of adding to the improvement of the environment we removed the exotic invasive trees too (these invasive plants cause large environmental degradation if not removed).

To carry this project one step further, the learners utilised the material from the exotic plant removal to create huts during the traditional Zulu day (cultural) activities. This activity will be report on in the next week or two.

(Unfortunately, not all the schools were able to take photographs - so for this presentation we only have a photo from Treverton School)

Janet Snow, Treverton School
ENO teacher and coordinator in South Africa