Thursday, August 31, 2006

Trees for peace in the Middle East

In addition to environmental protection, we plant trees for peace. For instance, there are registrated schools from Middle East (Israel, Lebanon, Palestine) and their neighbour countries (Iran). Also trees will be planted in Sri Lanka and Nepal, and of course in many many countries.

Building environmental awareness and peace belongs to everybody in this planet. In this event children and youth are ambassadors for environment and peace. The actual situation in the conflict areas is very difficult. But we have to look to the future and the new generation.

We hope that this event will spread not only to schools and communities but to all the nations in the world.

"Hi and ho, we plant trees,
for environment and peace.
North and South
East And West
Trees will grow, high and low".

"Hi and ho, we plant trees
want to see a lot of green.
Grow with them
And learn to live
in peace and harmony".