Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tree planting day in Costa Rica

Comments from schools in Costa Rica.

School La Tigra:

"We will plant trees as part of the biological corridor that unites Costa Rica and Nicaragua. This will give this activity further content. Some parents and institutional leaders will also participate with us. The Tigra School is part of an environmental education program promoted by the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) in Costa Rica. This proyect will become part of OTS's La Selva Biological Station - Childrens Challenge proyect, where children can gain points for their schools by participating in environmental awareness activities. These points will later become much needed prizes for their schools, which have little resources. Paper, books, pencils even paint may be their prize."

La Trinidad:"Trinidad is a small, local, public school. The interest of the children in environmental topics is unbelievable. This school has their own reforestation proyect and the kids cut the grass with machetes under rain or shine. They are admirable. We are proud to participate in this event, you can count on seeing these trees grow."